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Have you ever seen an idea you loved so much that you just to tell everyone you know? It isn’t often for me but when I truly love a product, I go full-force into shout-it-from-the-rooftops mode.

Lately, that beloved product is Turnovers. Turnovers are reversible natural baby clothes made from soybean protein called Azlon and not treated with chemicals but resistant to shrinkage and fading. So they’re adorable AND safe AND can stand the test of time (and your baby!)


This onesie is really my son’s size (a 3-6mo) but I wanted to try it on my daughter (who is 2) and it actually fit okay so I think that they can fit your child longer than the average size and I love that. I also love the quality. They are really thick and soft with really gorgeous colors and the sweetest embellishments. I think the little hot air balloon is my favorite but I love the simplicity of the leaf and I’m a sucker for elephants on baby clothes!


Another thing I love about the company itself is that a portion of all of their profits go to community outreach programs and global feeding programs. I love supporting small business and as a bonus to know that this business is giving back to the community is just fantastic!


For me currently, the best use for Turnovers is for my two youngest to share clothing to include an outfit in the diaper bag as back-up, no matter which kid ends up needing it. Hoodies are possibly my favorite piece of clothing and I’d love to be able to have a boy/girl hoodie or the boy/boy options for my son, to go with whatever matched his current outfit best.

(These are just a couple of my favorite of the boy/boy options. There are girl/boy and girl/girl options, just check out the Turnovers website!)

With my third daughter, I did a gender reveal and it would have been perfect to be able to buy several of the Turnovers bibs and have each person wear their bib on the blue or pink side, depending on what they thought the gender would be! Or to buy a onesie ahead of time and have my ultrasound tech turn it to the pink or blue side and put it away for us to open together!

Many of my homebirthing friends don’t find out the gender of their babies until birth, to add to the surprise. (For me, getting pregnant usually IS the surprise! HAHA!) Turnovers would be an awesome gift for those couples who are shopping before Baby but really not interested in the pale yellow and green gender neutral options. I genuinely considered not finding out gender with my third daughter but my hatred for yellows talked me out of it (yeah…let’s go with that *wink*).


So if Turnovers sound like something for you, check them out at http://www.turnoversbabyshop.com or on Amazon!

They’re also doing a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card so be sure to check out the website for more details!

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