Fall Pumpkin Book Decoration

Fall seems to bring out my crafty side even further. As I roam the stores, I see so many decorations that I say to myself, “I could make that” and often, I try to pull it off!

Most recently, I came upon a picture of a book turned into an adorable pumpkin decoration and decided to give it a try. The first thing was to find a book I was willing to part with and essentially maul. On my bedroom book shelf, I found a book completely untouched that seemed absolutely fitting for the project and I must have obtained from a previous book swap. It was called Nevermore, a comic book adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe stories.


This project involves the most minimal materials!:
Book you’re willing to part with, thicker the better
Stick of some sort
Green ribbon
Orange marker


First, you’ll want to remove the cover from the book. Cut the book into a pumpkin shape. Hopefully you’ve chosen a thick book so you’ll likely need to separate it into sections to cut but try to make the cuts as similar as possible.

Next, color the edges with your orange marker. Markers get crazy in my house so they’re hidden from the kids and by doing so, I hid them from myself! So instead of spending my time looking, I decided to just go with crayon. The crayon diminished the effect, though, so I don’t recommend crayon!

Then, use a glue stick to glue together the first and last pages. Put a stick inside the space where the binding is. You might need to glue it but mine was so small that my stick fit inside perfectly. Take a small piece of green ribbon and tie a little knot.


I thought that my end result was cute but could have been better with a thicker book and probably a text-only one! You get the gist and hopefully can easily create your own! To be perfectly honest, my kids already ruined mine by spilling milk all over it but I think it would have made such a pretty decoration on any surface!

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