Control Your Life from an APP with Zuli Smartplugs + GIVEAWAY! Ends 3/16

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Sometimes reviews for products I’m in love with are really difficult because I have to try to compose myself so I don’t sound like a ranting lunatic. Zuli Smartplugs are one of those products I’m enamored with and I’ve written and deleted a million sentences that sounded this way already! I almost want to skip right to the point and tell you that this is the coolest and most useful thing I’ve ever had but I’ll take the time to tell you why!


I’m a busy mother of five and at any given time, there are at least three lights on in the house. The beautiful arch floor lamp in my living room is blocked by furniture. For months, I had to climb or move things just to turn the [very necessary] light on or off. Then, we found Zuli Smartplugs.


Zuli Smartplugs are plugs that just go into your outlets. They’re unlike any other plug, however. With the Zuli Smartplug, you connect your lights and appliances and control them from AN APP. I always have my phone on hand but what I don’t always have is the sense to shut off the light before I get into bed. Right as I get comfortable in my bed, it hits me. I left the light on again. So now either I’m getting up or my husband is stomping over there to do it. With Zuli, it’s as simple as “Hey, can you get the light?” Open up the phone (or tablet), push the app, and push the button to turn the device on or off.


Setting up the app is simple. The app uses Bluetooth, not WiFi, so there’s no toying with all of your router settings to get this to work. Download Zuli for free in the App store (Android coming soon!). You’ll create a log-in, which I like because both my husband and I are signed into the same account so either one of us can turn things on or off in our house. I’ve currently got the app on my iPad while he accesses it from his iPhone.


While setting up Zuli to connect to your Smartplug, you’ll choose what type of appliance you’ll be using it for. If it’s a light, you can specify whether or not it has dimming capabilities because if so, Zuli will allow you to dim the light via your app as well! This does work, we tried it on our dimming light!

If you use at least 3 Zuli Smartplugs, you are able to utilize Zuli Presence. This uses algorithms to accurately pinpoint your location with your home. In other words, it knows if you’re in the room and activates your preferences within your devices. The more you use it, the more it is able to customize your preferences. Basically, you’ll live the way old movies used to perceive the future, with lights turning on and off for you. I can just imagine walking into a room with my husband and having the lights dim and Marvin Gaye start playing. Or my husband coming home from a long, freezing winter day of working outside and have the house well-lit and warm without having to leave the heat cranked all day!


Part of the appeal of Zuli is the energy dashboard. It provides accurate, real-time energy measurements of the devices that you have connected. It can analyze how you use your devices and estimate your monthly bill based on usage patterns and energy pricing for your current zip code. In my home, we have a lot of talks about energy usage, especially in regards to the temperature of the home. Zuli works with a Nest thermostat, which would basically solve that problem altogether! This is next-level technology and unbelievably useful!

Keep track of and control your energy usage, make sure unused devices are turned off when you’re out of the room. Wow, just imagine the money saved because I know my kids sure aren’t turning the lights off when they leave a room! As far as convenience goes, Zuli is just plain making life easier for me and I think everyone needs at least several of these. My husband remarked about how much he loved Zuli and it’s really become a household word here. I must say at least three times a day how I wish X thing was connected to our Zuli or how I wish every single thing in the house could be attached to a Zuli Smartplug.


Purchase a Zuli Smartplug for $59.99, or a Presence three-pack for $159.99 at Zuli.io!

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*The Crunchy Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only.


64 thoughts on “Control Your Life from an APP with Zuli Smartplugs + GIVEAWAY! Ends 3/16

  1. Amazing item. Going to have to check it out. I can see myself using it for multiple lights in the house, tv’s, radios, etc. Great concept!

  2. I would use Zuli Smartplug to control our lights in the living room to make the house look like it is occupied when we are away.

  3. Wow, thank you for such an amazing review! I didn’t even know this Zuli Smartplug existed and now I’m really intrigued. We could definitely use one in our master bedroom or living room!

  4. I’ve tried numerous devices somewhat like this and they never seemed to work well. First I haven’t tried a Bluetooth device, so I’m intrigued for sure. It’s app looks well laid out. I’m impressed so far and don’t even have one yet. Maybe I’ll get lucky because I leave my living room light on all the time and it’s always after you get in the bed you remember it. After 19 knee surgeries I really hate to get up and walk to the other end of my home to turn it off. Great job on a well presented product!

  5. The family room would be the best location for this, but, some of the other rooms would be used if I had more. If it works well other rooms will follow.

  6. This is a great product!!! I could really use this in my family room or in my 10 year olds bedroom. Both rooms have a big problem with things being turned on and left on. In the family room people turn on the tv, cable box, lights, electronics plugged in, etc and they go out and just leave everything on. In the 10 year olds room…well she’s 10..things get left on all the time.

  7. I could use a Zuli in the living room to turn off the lamp after I go to bed or when I’m away from home.

  8. I think using it in the living room would be great. Being able to control the lights would be great.

  9. I could use this for my fish tank light to control the alage growth. I forgot to turn the light out.

  10. I’d love to use something like this for the garage light, as I always forget to turn it off and to leave it on for when we get back home in the dark.

  11. This is so necessary for my bedroom – when i am in bed reading and just want to shut off the light across the room.

  12. I would love to be able to control my TV from my bed. Sometimes we go lay down, and totally forget to turn off the TV.

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