8 Occasions Fit For a PinkBlush Dress

It’s happened! I’ve finally got the reputation as “the one with all of the pretty dresses” by everyone who knows me (and doesn’t know me yet) at church! PinkBlush has been stocking my closet with gorgeous dresses since last year and people have complimented me so many times that they’re all recognizing it. This month, […]

PinkBlush, My Comfortable Go-To Fashion!

When you are shopping for clothing, how do you prioritize the qualities you’re searching for? Is it most important that the clothes are cute or follow the latest fashion trends? Or maybe you’re more concerned with pricing? I would hope that comfort ranks fairly high up there. You have to consider sizing and the durability […]

Our PinkBlush Summer Fashion Selections Are In!

In less than two weeks, I leave for Mexico and I wanted some cute tops to lounge in or go out to dinner. Of course, that meant shopping at my go-to resource for women’s clothing… PinkBlush! The shirt that immediately caught my eye was the Ivory Floral Knotted Hem Top, with its gorgeous floral print. […]