arctic cool

Easing Into Your Hottest New Years Resolution with Arctic Cool + GIVEAWAY! Ends 1/4

Since I haven’t had a lick of exercise in years, my wonder and fitness-friendly pal reviewed these awesome products for me! I trust her like I trust myself so you can take her opinion on these the same way you’d take my own!  If you are one who sweats, whether from extra curricular activities, home […]

mint chocolate cupcakes

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes with Girl Scout Cookies Recipe

It’s Girl Scout cookie season! One of my all time favorite cookies are Thin Mints. I decided to combine my love of Thin Mints and cupcakes into a delicious treat. To make these cupcakes you don’t need to have a degree in culinary arts. Ingredients For the chocolate cupcakes: Any store bought chocolate cake mix […]