actev motors smart-kart

Keeping Kids on the Straight and Narrow with the ACTEV Arrow Smart-Kart

Every kid out there craves adventure in some form. It’s inherent in a child’s DNA. It’s no surprise to me when I look at a kid’s wish list for Christmas. Action Figures? They want to act out scenes from their favorite movies and shows, if not come up with their own. Bikes? They want the […]


Make Virtual Reality an ACTUAL Reality With The HOMiDO Grab + GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/11

If I were to review this product exactly as it sounded within our home, it would be something like: “Gasp, OH MY GOSH! This is the coolest thing ever! How does it do that?!” Followed by unintelligible but excited exclamations and then arguing over whose turn it is next. At one point one of the […]