2022 Holiday Kids Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again! I always say that it feels like it flew by but this time it really did and I don’t feel ready at all! Have you prepared everyone’s wish lists? Have you started shopping? Let’s see how much we can help you with gifts that your kids will love!

Got2Glow Fairies Baby Fairy Finder – $24.99

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Chasing virtual baby fairies on the go!

Collect more than 20 cute little baby fairies at school, the park, anywhere you go! The Baby Fairy Finder glows and makes magical sounds when it detects baby fairies nearby! You can play games and feed your new fairies. My kids love unlocking rare fairies!

The hook: Who doesn’t want to collect adorable baby fairies?!



Pinxies – $ Varies

Build your own fairy tale!

Pinxies are SO fun! Kids can exercise their creativity and build all sorts of things like a treehouse, mermaid ship, or enchanted castle. Our current favorite is the butterfly hot air balloon because it’s just so cool! You can customize any build and attach the sets to each other. So many possibilities!

The hook: STEM and imagination make the most wonderful combination!



Jurassic World: Dominion Flying Pterosaur – Quetzalcoatlus – $19.95

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Spin prehistoric creatures from your ceiling!

Bring the prehistoric era back to life with your favorite dinosaurs! I loved watching my son build his pterosaur all by himself and then we hung it from the ceiling and watched it go!

The hook: We love anything Jurassic Park/World!



Got2Glow Fairies Fairy Pet Finder – $24.99

Adorable fairy pets to collect!

From the same makers as the Baby Fairy Finder comes fairy PETS! As an animal lover, I find these to be the most charming little guys. Collect over 40 fairy pets to snuggle and feed! Different lights will flash when you catch your fairy pets and they are compatible with other Got2Gow Fairy Finders so you can even transfer!

The hook: Pets that can fly and don’t make a mess?! Sold!



Giga Pets – $ Varies

A blast from the past!

Teach your kids about responsibility with a small, portable, keychain-sized pet to feed and clean up after. These were all the rage when I was young and I’m so excited to see them come back!

The hook: MY favorite thing about Giga Pets is that they were my thing when I was a kid so it feels like I’m sharing my memories with the kids!



Cats vs. Pickles – $ Varies

Soft and creative snuggly toys!

Cats vs. Pickles are bean-filled cats and pickles that are velvety smooth and the cutest things you ever saw! My favorite to date is the Starry Night themed one that belongs to me, not the kids! We love getting the blind bags to see which surprise kitty or pickle we end up with! Speaking of kitties, they also have Kittens vs. Gherkins now!

The hook: We just adore the themes on these! Huge bonus that they are smooth as butter!



Dogs vs. Squirls – $ Varies

Cats vs Pickles for dog people!

We each have our own favorite puppy breed so we all pored over the new collections of Dogs vs. Squirls to see which breeds they came out with and what kinds of fun things they would be doing! Yes, they probably have your favorite breed!

The hook: As a dog person, I love that there are all kinds of cute puppies to collect!



Dinomazing Egg Decorators – $11.99

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Create your own prehistoric eggs!

More for your dinosaur-loving kiddos, EGGS! Be creative while coloring eggs with the spinning egg decorator and then open your eggs to find dino goodies!

The hook: This is just mesmerizing! We could decorate eggs all day!



Gigabots – $16.99

Have a ball with these bots!

Gigabots look just like a shiny ball, unsuspecting to enemies! The ball disassembled to transform into a 13″ tall robot and each one has their own accessories.

The hook: A case full of balls transforms into an entire team of robots! Count us in!



Magformers Cube Frog House Set – $25.99

Build your world with Magformers Frog House!

Magnetic squares, triangles, windows, walls, etc. cling together to make a frog house or anything your imagination can come up with!

The hook: Magnetic construction blocks are a family favorite because they’re easier to build with!



Tonka – $ Varies

My favorite classic toys!

Tonka celebrated 75 years of building memories this year and I love them just as much now as when I was little. They fit seamlessly into many kinds of play, be it lugging your dolls or building blocks, or just transporting rocks from place to place!

The hook: Great, sturdy quality and ageless fun!


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