the little kernel

The Little Kernel and Aquaball Bring Healthier Snacks to the Table + GIVEAWAY! Ends 8/30

Snack time can be difficult when you have a bunch of small children. We try to keep the snacks healthy but obviously, you have to find something that the kids will enjoy. With five, it can be tough to find something that everyone can appreciate. The Little Kernel is a new brand of popcorn popped in […]


Make Virtual Reality an ACTUAL Reality With The HOMiDO Grab + GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/11

If I were to review this product exactly as it sounded within our home, it would be something like: “Gasp, OH MY GOSH! This is the coolest thing ever! How does it do that?!” Followed by unintelligible but excited exclamations and then arguing over whose turn it is next. At one point one of the […]