Skate #Boneless with These Mini Skaters!

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My little man is all about toys that involve motion in any way, shape, or form. Cars, bikes, and now SKATEBOARDS! The #Boneless Skaters are posable, bendable, twistable, as if they’re…well…boneless! On top of that, these little skaters can GO! Charge them in just 15 seconds using their battery-powered, portable decks and watch them race across any surface or one of the obstacle courses you can purchase separately!

boneless skateboarders

boneless skateboarders

Underneath the #Boneless skateboard of each skater, there is a switch to change their direction and allow them to do all kinds of crazy tricks! #Boneless wants to see what kinds of tricks your skaters are coming up with and encourages you to record your own tricks (with parent permission) and share them with the hashtags #Boneless and #StickTheTrick!


We have three Boneless skaters, Mia, Booker, and Luca, and each one is decked out with a cool skater look, like punk t-shirts and athletic sneakers! We love to send them flying across the floor on their own but we’re also really digging the Cray Play SuperStreet Sk8Prk and the Big Air Mega Ramp! The skate park comes with an easily adjustable fence and a Warp Rider Vert Ramp, which gives you plenty of options for different types of tricks, just like a real skate park! Both the park and the ramp come with customizable graffiti stickers so that you can really make it your own!


The Boneless Skateboarders Big Air Mega Ramp is a big three-foot long quarter pipe ramp with drop-in platform for maximum drop-in speed! Step one for effectiveness on this wild ride is to make sure the switch on your skateboard is in the correct position to direct the skater UP so he can get some air time!

My son is having an absolute blast with his new #Boneless Mini Skaters and he loves making them jump off of any possible surface in our house! You can get your own #Boneless skaters and their sets on or here:

CrayPlay SuperStreet Skate Park
CrayPlay Big Air Mega-Ramp
Boneless Booker
Boneless Mia
Boneless Luca
Boneless Ryan

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