Accio Food! My Harry Potter Kitchen

I have been hooked on Harry Potter since I was eleven years old and began reading the books. There’s just something magical about the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I decided that I wanted some of that magic to reflect in my own house. But in which room could I make it work? How could I make it look elegant instead of child-like?

Pinterest was full of spectacular Potter ideas for baby nurseries and kids’ birthday parties but I wanted to come up with something that suited our kitchen. I’ve seen beautiful bedrooms and even a cute bathroom that included a Ministry of Magic portal, but I wanted to do my own thing in the kitchen and I haven’t seen too many of those! Whenever I search “Harry Potter kitchen”, I come up empty or with very few ideas. So, here we are!


The flying keys are probably my favorite of all. Embroidery hoops, fancy keys, wings, and thread are all you need to create this beauty! I weaved the thread through the hoops and tied keys at the end. Very simple project with a lovely chandelier-like look!

flying keys harry potter kitchen

Another easy one, my “Accio Food” sign! You can download the Harry Potter font for free here and make yourself a stencil if you have a Cricut or some other cutting machine. Paint it and then fleck paint over top by flicking the paintbrush, to give it a night sky look.

harry potter kitchen

Also pictured above are the Harry Potter carved wooden kitchen utensils we got from Amazon. I wasn’t sure what to do with them when I first got them as a gift but I think that they made a lovely addition to the wall!

Books-A-Million sells a lot of cool memorabilia and Hubs bought me a Marauder’s Map scarf as a gift. After some thought, I realized that it would make a perfect curtain for the random window in our kitchen!

When we visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, our reservation for the hotel included an owl and so began my small stuffed owl collection. One of the owls has a “cage” that is actually a lantern from a home decor subscription box!

harry potter kitchen

I was also extremely lucky to have found a wall hanging owl set at a yard sale. I intended to paint it to make the owls look a little more Harry Potter-like but I never got around to it!

I found a few pictorials on how to make your own mandrake out of clay and crumpled up tin foil so I just winged it and threw this creepy guy together. All you need for this one is a cheap plant pot, tin foil, and clay with paint or brown clay. Be creative!

I found that this theme made it a lot easier to find somewhere to store all of the Potter collectibles I’ve obtained over the years. Cards from within the chocolate frog candy, souvenirs from our vacation, etc. look great inside the glass cabinet at the corner of my Harry Potter kitchen!

harry potter kitchen

An astronomically expensive souvenir that you can purchase at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are the interactive wands. We honestly didn’t use ours very much within the park but I was happy to display them in the kitchen. I hung the Elder Wand directly above the doorway into the eat-in kitchen using small metal hooks.

I saw a picture somewhere of a Deathly Hallows wreath and it seemed simple enough. The kids gathered some sticks and we used dollar store flowers and vines to create it!

deathly hallows

With cute Potter fabric squares, a basic hand towel, and some Cricut lettering, I made a cute patronus towel I saw on a mug somewhere!

It goes well with these Hogwarts hand towels that Hubby bought for me!

I looked everywhere for a link to the dishwasher magnet that I bought on Etsy but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available anymore! The kids did find it a bit confusing but I think it should be clear to a Potter fan! Haha!

One of the most basic ways to theme a light switch plate requires only paper and Mod Podge! The kids accidentally ripped one of my books and I certainly couldn’t let the book go to waste, so I took pages and glued them to make book page light switch plates.

Take a quote you love and use your Cricut machine to cut it out on vinyl! I used an acrylic frame, fairy lights, and a scrap book page that looks like old newspaper to give it an aged look, along with my favorite Dumbledore quote!

harry potter kitchen


Last but certainly not least, I found a white owl glass dish at some sort of bargain store and I immediately imagined painting that white owl to resemble Hedwig! I use it to hold onto my chai tea mixes so it sits happily on the counter!

harry potter kitchen


What am I missing?! I’m sure there is so much more that I could do in here!

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