Feeling Rejuvenated with One ‘n Only Skin Care and Conair Reflections + GIVEAWAY! Ends 6/16

“People only buy skin care from people they trust.” I read that somewhere recently and thought how absolutely true it is, at least for me. My skin is so sensitive and I’ve been figuratively (and sometimes, literally!) burned so many times trying out what people recommended to me. As a teenager, my mom took me […]


Why I’m Obsessed with These PinkBlush Dresses + GIVEAWAY! Ends 5/31

Clothing matters more than I ever used to realize. It’s hard to feel comfortable in tattered jeans and a too-small shirt covered in spaghetti stains. What you’re wearing contributes to how you feel and how you carry yourself. It’s rare that I purchase clothing for myself and my husband knows this so he loves to […]