Zooper Waltz

While preparing for my fourth baby, I decided to get a new stroller. I like to be able to wear one and push one! I asked around for recommendations of decent strollers that I could maneuver easily but would be comfortable and convenient, as well as affordable. In the end, I purchased a rather inexpensive stroller called a Zooper Waltz and I am extremely pleased with it.


The feature that I love the most is the extended canopy and foot muff. This means that if I wanted to go walking in the rain for some reason, my little one would still be cozy! You can lift up part of the canopy to reveal mesh which was perfect this summer when my youngest daughter fell asleep and I was able to lay her all the way back and let her get comfortable while shading her from the sun without getting too hot.


The Waltz is really easy to push as we learned two weeks ago when pushing it over a bunch of gravel on our way to a festival.  It’s also easy to push with one hand which is exactly what a mother of four needs! I have a lot of friends who will spend an arm and a leg on this type of baby gear but I’ve just never been able to talk myself into it and for under $200, the pricing on this gem was perfect for me!

Update: My little man loves it too!


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