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Incorporating Siblings: DIY Onesies

My older kids have been very excited about having another baby in the house and they want to help in so many ways. My son is only two so I’m not sure he understands but I certainly don’t want any of them to feel like they are left out so I try to incorporate them into the process of having a new baby! I decided to do a craft that was easy enough for all of them to do and would be entertaining! It’s simple and I like to think it helps them to accept that there will be a real baby in the house soon.

For an easy peasy project like this, you don’t need much!

diy onesies

DIY Onesies for Siblings

You will need:

Plain onesies (I used hand-me-downs from a friend with slight stains on them)
Fabric markers
Cardboard to put between the layers of clothing

diy onesies


1. Wash onesies, especially if they are new.

2. Place cardboard between layers to avoid the marker bleeding through.

diy onesies

3. Let the kids color! You can use stencils, help them spell the baby’s name or “brother”/”sister”.

diy onesies

My older children chose to draw scenes of them with the baby and some words like “I love you” and for some reason, “I will still love you if you are a girl”, which completely cracked me up!

Other tips to help siblings with the transition include getting the children gifts “from” the baby and making time to be alone, just you and the child. Whether it’s to watch a movie just the two of you, have a special meal together, or read a story, make time to bond!


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  1. This is a really cute idea. It’s so nice to get the older siblings involved with the newest sibling and this looks like a great way to do it.

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