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The Bumble Collection Super Tote Diaper Bag – Mommying In Style!

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I am extremely excited to share this one with you! My brand new Majestic Mint Super Tote from The Bumble Collection is absolutely stunning and beyond and by far the best diaper bag I’ve ever had! The Bumble Collection is a family brand that specializes in family products from diaper bags to picnic baskets and coolers.

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The typical diaper bags I’ve had in the past were very, for lack of a better word, frumpy. They were clearly diaper bags for the stressed mama who may or may not have found time to shower before running the kids around. With my Super Tote from The Bumble Collection, I feel…fancy. So I may still be the aforementioned mama, but I won’t look like it.

The Super Tote comes in Majestic Slate and Majestic Mint but I chose the mint because I thought it was the most perfect shade of green. Being team green this time around, I wish more baby clothes and products would come in exactly that shade because I thought it was beautiful and my friends agreed. The outer design is elegant and intriguing but the best surprise was opening it up to see all of the convenient storage space.

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The Bumble Collection Super Tote has so much room and available space inside of it to keep things organized. I definitely find that as I get older, I want things to be organized because I realize that mess just creates pure chaos. The Super Tote has a big magnetic pocket in the back, which I find perfect for storing books or papers that I bring along with us. There is also a pocket on each side, perfect for bottles and sippy cups. The top has a zipper that you can unzip completely so it doesn’t get in the way while you’re digging through it. Inside, the Super Tote is very spacious and has has two elastic side pockets, two flat pockets for diapers and wipes, plus one back zippering pocket where I’ll probably hide my make-up carefully away from the kids!

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My favorite feature on the Bumble Collection Super Tote is the changing pad. The diaper bag doesn’t just come with a changing pad, it has one that holds inside the front pocket as its own little changing area. Unzip the pocket, unfold the pad, change the baby right there, and zip it right back up again! I think that is the most nifty little feature because it’s impossibly easy to lose a changing pad, at least for me.

bumble collection

The exterior of the Super Tote is water and stain resistant and easy peasy to wipe down. The straps are adjustable with shoulder pads for comfort, plus it hangs easily onto a stroller, which is a must for my husband!

bumble collection

My new Bumble Collection Super Tote is totally gorgeous and while I never really know what’s “in style” these days, I would call this it. It’s a fashionable diaper bag that looks good and holds everything this busy mother needs! I would and do highly recommend checking out The Bumble Collection if you’re expecting, in the market for a better diaper bag, or if you’re looking for a gift for a new mom!


You can purchase a Bumble Collection Super Tote in Majestic Mint or Majestic Slate, for $99.99 at Bumble Collection.


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5 thoughts on “The Bumble Collection Super Tote Diaper Bag – Mommying In Style!

  1. I love the color! I will have to look into these bags, since the strap on my purse turned diaper bag broke. One of my main concerns is organized space for everything I carry. It’s such a hassle to dig through to find what I need.

  2. OH my is this bag gorgeous!! I love the changing pocket too!! Its awesome to be able to keep everything right in that pocket and not have to fish for it when baby is diaperless lol…. not that that’s ever happened to me before 😉 lol!! I love that you can easily wipe it down and keep it clean!

  3. Does the bag stand up on its own or will it fall over easily? Is there like a firm base at the bottom I guess is what I’m asking. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ashley! Yes, it has a hard strip at the bottom like a lot of diaper bags so it does stand up on its own! Great question!

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