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My husband is impossible. No, not impossible to buy gifts for (although that too!), just impossible. He has two phones, a personal and work phone, both among the more expensive smart phones out there. One of them he never got a case for. Because of this, it’s slippery and has absolutely no protection from damage and dropping. Instead of buying a case, he asked me to just not contact him on this phone. That makes sense, right? No, I didn’t think so either so I went on the prowl for a case that I could customize for him as a gift. Luckily, I discovered Casetify!


With Casetify, you can create designs for the cases to various cell phone models. If you don’t have a design of your own, they have an entire library to choose from. You can upload any pictures you like and fit it to your model’s case and there are several different layouts for your images. After wracking my brain to figure out which of our pictures would be best suited on a phone case, and which ones he’d actually like, I had a realization. Since I could upload any picture, I could just create a design completely from scratch, all my own! I knew exactly what to create.


A few months ago, a friend of his shared a picture of his favorite football team’s logo within his favorite baseball team’s logo. I couldn’t find this symbol replicated anywhere so I knew that if i wanted it, I’d have to make it myself. Casetify’s website helped me do just that. I used my usual basic and free image editing program to splice the two logos together and create a textured background for all of the blank space in the image, just for fun and to add to the cool look of it. I simply uploaded this image to Casetify, previewed it to make sure that everything lined up as I’d intended, and done!


When the Casetify case arrived, I was pretty thrilled. The picture came out exactly as it looked in the preview. My case creation was so neat and the case was a hard plastic. The plastic will be perfect for coverage in the many dropping incidents but it’s also not bulky like so many of the cases out there. Now, he’ll be able to actually grip his phone when he goes to use it and more importantly to him, his case is cool and tailored for his interests. I love that with Casetify, you can use your own images or make them up entirely. Complete win and perfect for that person who is incredibly difficult to buy gifts for! Use pictures of the grandchildren for Grandma, your wedding picture for your wife, a simple monogram for your sister, or even put your dad’s business logo on the case!


Customize and purchase a case for many available phone and tablet models at Casetify.

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  1. Oh I love this!! I love being able to put my own family and cute kid on my stuff 🙂 Im a little obsessed with his face lol!!

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