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Every year, I love to get my mother something heartfelt for Christmas. She’s a grandmother before she’s anything else in her entire life. Being a grandma makes her life worth while and she loves her little grandbabies more than I can even begin to say. I like to get her gifts that somehow relate to the grandchildren, whether it’s something they made, pictures of them, or something about being a grandmother. This year, my husband came upon the perfect gift for her. Pictures on Gold allows you to truly make an item right for you, bu customizing gold jewelry with your own words and pictures.

pictures on gold

For my mom, I easily customized the Pictures on Gold Sterling Silver 2-Picture Heart Locket exactly to my liking. There are drop-down menus and fill-in spaces to help you get what you’re looking for. First, it asks about what size heart you would like, then what birthstone you want to include. The birthstones are optional and I hadn’t originally planned on including one but I clicked one just to see and it was just so pretty that I had to. The birthstone goes onto the little clasp above the heart, adding the nicest little accent to it! Since it was so nice, I had to choose my mother’s birthstone, Aquamarine, to be included!

pictures on gold

You can choose clipart, text, or a monogram to be displayed on the front of your Pictures on Gold locket. This is another feature that’s optional but I found the clipart options really lovely, especially the “Mother’s Day” section. From that section, I chose the sweetest “Grandma” image with lilies, which are actually very special in my family.

pictures on gold

As for pictures, I really struggled to choose favorites but I knew that she would appreciate any picture of her precious grandbabies. Finally, I decided to choose a picture for the left and one for the right. On the left, I put my son, and on the right, my daughters. You can choose from color or laser engravings, or paper where a laser cutter is used to fit it properly into the locket. The back of the locket can include text or monogram but I thought that my necklace was beautiful enough already so I left it blank. Next, choose the chain and chain length and voila, gorgeous necklace and perfect gift!

pictures on gold

My mom is going to be so happy when she opens up her gift to find this stunning piece of jewelry with her adorable grandchildren displayed inside of it! I would love to get a gift like this with all of my family inside. It’s the most precious piece of jewelry you can own and I would keep it forever!


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27 thoughts on “Make the Memories Last with Pictures on Gold

  1. Wow!! So gorgeous!! It really turned out beautiful!! I love that its something she can wear everyday as a reminder <3 So amazing! I will have to check out the site for my mom's birthday coming up!!

  2. Being a Grandma I have to say this is the most thoughtful gift you could recieve. Your right Grandchildren do make your life worth living. I cherish my Granddaughter every day.

  3. My mother absolutely loved this gift, she kept saying over and over again throughout our evening! I’m so happy that I could give her this. She loves to show them off, I imagine this locket will be wide open throughout the week while she shows everyone she works with!!

  4. This is the Sweetest little gift. I wish I had seen this before Christmas, oh well there’s always Mother’s day. i think grandma’s would love it!

  5. I had something similar to this when my sons were young. Now I would like to have one since I have 5 grandchildren. I like the laser engraving

  6. My daughter gave me one of these for Christmas of my Grandchildren. I was the best gift I received, and it is so well done. This is the kind of gift that you have for the rest of your life.

  7. I bought a locket from pictures on gold a few years ago to give to my mother in law for Mother’s Day. I think she was very touched.

  8. This would be a perfect remembrance of my mother, she died when I was 15. This is a gorgeous price and I’d be honored to wear it.

  9. This locket is so beautiful , love the design on this and I would love to have something like
    this with all of my grandchildren in it.

  10. I would love to have a locket with the pictures of all my grandchildren; but I have 19 grandchildren and it would probably be impossible to get them all in a locket. The Pictures on Gold locket is beautiful. I visited their website and found the Medium Heart Photo Pendant/Charm with Diamond Cut Edge that I also would love to have.

  11. What a beautiful locket. I love being able to customize it just the way you want and adding those special pictures. A perfect gift for a mom or grandma!

  12. this is gorgeous. being a mother of 3 daughters has been an awesome experience. I love watching them grow into 3 beautiful young ladies. they are 16, 13, and 8. they grow too fast. I cherish every moment

  13. This is a beautiful necklace. I love every part of it. It is very well designed and I would love to receive one like it either as a mother or grandmother.

  14. This is just the gift that is so appreciated by Grandmothers and many times will become a cherished heirloom. A thoughtful gift perhaps for Valentine’s day.

  15. I think that the lockets are so pretty. I like the grandma locket. Thank you for sharing these are all beautiful.

  16. Very pretty.
    I love how you can personalize your heart and how it opens up as a locket and you can put a picture in it.
    I have never had a locket.. this one is really pretty.

  17. This is a very precious gift and I think I may hint to my husband that I’d love one for Valentine’s day! I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

  18. Love thier products! I also love that they are good quality and they have so much to offer! Thank you for sharing!

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