10 Activities Kids Can Do In The Dark

A big snowstorm is supposed to hit my area tonight, confining us indoors for the weekend. Every time there’s a storm, we have the potential to lose power although, we hope not! The last time there was a huge storm, my mom lost power for about a week! Unless you’re planning to nap a lot, that sounds incredibly boring. Per suggestion from my husband, I’ve compiled a little list of some activities that you can do with the kids if the power goes out!


1. Put together a puzzle – What better way to challenge yourself than to assemble a puzzle simply by feeling the edges!

2. Puppet show by flashlight – Either do hand puppets or create an actual puppet show using only a flashlight!

3. Tell stories – You can read a book by candlelight but it’s so much more entertaining to create your own. My kids are really creative and I absolutely love hearing what crazy things they come up with.

4. Paint with glow in the dark paint – This one might be pretty messy but I know some of you parents are up for it. The point is that it will look awesome and be really fun!

5. Have a lightsaber fight – If you don’t own a lightsaber, you need one. For Christmas, we bought my little man Star Wars lightsabers from Target that light up and make noise. I think it’s the coolest thing ever and so do the kids. We battle with them daily!

6. Write a letter – Ah, the lost art of letter writing. Encourage the kids to get back into snail mail. I know that my distant family members love cards and letters because they don’t do a whole lot of the social networking. Imagine how thrilled they would be to receive a handwritten letter from your little one! Easily done by flashlight or candlelight!

7. Snack on some of the goodies in freezer – If the power’s out long enough, those treats may very well go bad. Make it an ice cream party and go wild!

8. Make a band – Use spoons, pot and pans, and a flashlight as your spotlight. Designate a singer and make up your own song or cover some of your favorites!

9. Draw a picture – It’ll be interesting when the lights pop back on and you see what you’ve drawn. You can even make it a bigger challenge by giving directions on what to draw. “In the top left corner of your paper, draw a sun. Now go back down to the middle and draw a house.” We did an activity like this in my MOPS group a couple of years ago and I had a blast.

10. Play 20 questions – One person comes up with a person, place, or thing and the others take turns asking descriptive questions to lead them to what the answer may be. Aim for educational subjects for more of  a learning experience!

I hope this gives you some ideas but also that you aren’t in the unfortunate situation of losing power! Keep warm and safe throughout the storm, good luck!

What other activities can you think of?

3 thoughts on “10 Activities Kids Can Do In The Dark

  1. I like this list and another activity is to make up a story. one person starts and can say 2 or 3 sentences. Then the next person continues the story.

  2. These are some great ideas! Will definitely have to keep this around for next time it storms here in florida!

  3. Snacking on the goodies in the freezer is a great idea! I would only think to have to eat that stuff after the power would go out, but the more you eat of it ahead of time, the better off you’ll be! Thanks!

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