Sounding Off with the GAMDIAS Eros Elite EQ Headset

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With Valentine’s Day coming, I had to consider the best possible gift for my husband. He’s not that into chocolate and um, pass on the flowers. So, what would he actually enjoy? He doesn’t have a lot of hobbies but one thing he loves is gaming. He is very into his MMORPGs when he has the time. I decided to look to GAMDIAS for his gaming needs.


We received the GAMDIAS Eros Elite EQ Headset. The headset that my husband was using previously was nice but the dongle was large, which made it easily susceptible to breaking. The Eros Elite EQ Headset is a wired headset, which means it doesn’t need to be charged fr the long gaming sessions. He was immediately thrilled about how lightweight the headset was and showed me the difference, handing me his old headset to compare it to. The cord is unlike any of his previous headsets in that instead of a rubber material, it’s like a nylon. The earphones are extremely comfortable and a feature of the Eros Elite EQ Headset is actually that they are self-cooling, making it much more comfortable for some of the more lengthy battles in his games.


My husband was particularly pleased with the sound on the GAMDIAS Eros Elite EQ Headset. The quality is quite good and can be raised to be pretty loud. Sometimes he likes to listen to music from his gaming headset and the music sounds fantastic on it! He likes that you can control the sound from the cord and it includes the sound type, as well as the bass level.


Much of the appeal of his MMORPGs is the communication aspect. My husband has made a lot of friends on his games and he has a blast joking and playing with the other guys. This makes the microphone an essential piece of the gaming experience, at least for him. The mic on the Eros Elite EQ Headset is removable and the voice quality is okay, as per his buddies in the game. Unfortunately, the removable mic did detach from the headset several times but he was able to plug it back in easily.


Overall, the GAMDIAS Eros Elite EQ Headset is perfect for comfort, pretty great on sound, good for convenience, and okay on the microphone aspect! Mr. Crunchy Mom Next Door likes it and uses it regularly with minimal issues! Here’s a short summary of what he had to say about it:


You can purchase the GAMDIAS Eros Elite EQ Headset for $59.99 at the GAMDIAS website.


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*The Crunchy Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only.

18 thoughts on “Sounding Off with the GAMDIAS Eros Elite EQ Headset

  1. I am actually looking for a good pair of gaming headphones for my son. He wants a pair for his PS4, They can be rather pricey for a good pair though.

  2. My husband got a gaming computer for Christmas and now wants new accessories, so this would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or his birthday this month too. He would love the option to control bass from the headset, he cranks the bass on everything LoL His truck battery is always dying because he will leave his subwoofer on 😜

  3. This is a great review. I was looking for a pair for my husband, although I don’t think this is a good fit. He would be the type to be annoyed by a mic drop 😂

  4. Awesome review!

    I need a new pair for gaming (when the kids go to bed- mama likes to play Guild Wars 2) – my hubby is a bit sick of me snatching his when he’s not looking!

  5. These headphones look so comfortable. I am not a gamer but my husband is. I think my husband would enjoy the mic coming out so he can watch movies and not worry about it.

  6. i would love to find a pair for my son to use without hurting his hearing he loves listing to things so loud we cant think..i love to get these so i can listen to what i wanna hear

  7. All my kids love gaming, they’re always chatting with friends. This would be awesome for them to be able to have more fun.

  8. I liked your article, it was informative and let me get-to-know the product you reviewed, Thank you! I will keep these in mind when buying gifts for my sons.

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