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Fortnight Flicks – Week Two 2016

We’ve got some new programs for movies and television in our home so we’ve been exploring a lot more! The next Fortnight Flicks will probably be full of movies that have been suggested by our friends and family because I’m really not seeing a lot of new movies that interest me besides some of the ones I’m sharing with you today!

fortnight flicks


The Martian ★

The big award nominees are usually boring so I was thrilled at how interesting The Martian was to us! Matt Damon plays an astronaut whose crew thinks he’s dead and leaves the planet without him. He’s not dead and when they figure that out, they have to figure out how to save him…or if they even can. Of all the movies constantly being recommended to me, this is the one I hear the most right now. Definitely watch it!


I think that Amy Schumer is a decent comedian, I liked her when she was on Last Comic Standing a while back. It’s basically just a funny love story but my husband didn’t agree and he left the room before the movie was over. You be the judge!

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 ★

The guys are back to time travel in the hot tub so that they can stop one of them from being killed. I thought it was worse than the first one, which wasn’t very good either.

The Intern 

The previews were a little misleading on this one, I think, unless I’m not very good at paying attention which is a good possibility. I thought that this was a comedy about Robert Di Nero showing up and surprising a bunch of young people that he was the old guy intern. Instead, Robert De Niro actually applies for a job as a “senior intern” and it’s in no way a comedy BUT it is still very good. He bonds with his boss and gives her some of his wisdom, guiding her through some professional and personal struggles. It’s sweet.

Ted 2 ★1/2

Well, this movie has a lot of cursing, be warned. It’s from Seth McFarlane, the guy who does Family Guy. It stars Mark Wahlberg and a teddy bear. The teddy bear came to life in the first one, which I didn’t like, but I thought this one was a lot funnier. The teddy bear is declared to be property and not a person, so they must fight for him. My husband didn’t want to watch it and even he laughed a decent amount.

Sisters ★

This one started out funny and quickly went downhill. Tiny Fey’s character is the opposite I’m used to seeing of her, kind of a losery misfit with a potty mouth rather than a braniac. Amy Poehler plays her sister and their parents are selling their childhood home. That’s as far as we got though, we shut it off.

Tomorrowland ★★1/2

We had never heard a single thing about this movie but decided to try it out since we came across it. A land that can predict the future brings upon a girl to save the world from destruction. It’s got artificial intelligence, comedy, and George Clooney. It’s absolutely worth checking out, maybe for the kids too! My children really enjoyed it!

Pan ★1/2
My rating is more because my husband and the kids found it interesting. It’s a variation on Peter Pan. All I know is that I heard singing and looked up and realized that Hook and his crew began randomly singing a Nirvana song in unison. Figure out why and let me know, okay?

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 ☆

I didn’t expect this movie to be good at all so I wasn’t surprised that it was worthy of being turned off. I left it on, but mostly for the background sound while I worked. I don’t remember the first movie but I know that this one was much worse. I like Kevin James but the plot is stupid and it’s just not funny.

The DUFF ★★1/2

I think that the actress who plays the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend), Mae Whitman, is beautiful and a great actress. I still didn’t expect the movie to be very good but it was pretty cute! Like the title suggests, Mae is lead to believe that she might be the DUFF for her two best friends and she begins to question herself.

Guardians of the Galaxy ★

I’m enjoying pretty much everything in the Marvel universe but this one is great because Chris Pratt is hilarious. The characters are all awesome but I especially love the ones who don’t grasp sarcasm. Chris Pratt is Star-Lord and there are a bunch of shenanigans going on in space, to make a long story short.

Zodiac ★1/2

This one is much older but I’m really shocked that I enjoyed this movie about the Zodiac killer. I like thrillers and mysteries but my husband claimed that it was very slow. I disagree, I think it was constantly developing. Mark Ruffalo is the police officer initially in charge of the Zodiac case and Jake Gyllenhaal becomes obsessed with it and works hard to try and solve the case. He never did but he found such intriguing details that really make you think.

S.W.A.T. ★★★1/2

Not a recent movie either but my husband put it on one night and it really wasn’t bad! Jeremy Renner is a bad guy who was supposed to be one of the good guys. A terrorist gets captured and offers a huge reward for anyone who breaks him out of prison. It’s got a lot of action and I thought it was a pretty neat premise.

Spaceballs ★1/2

Where have I been, exactly?! I knew about this movie but I just never thought I would like it. It’s the ridiculous kind of funny but it still makes you laugh! If you’ve been living under a rock like I have, this movie is a parody on Star Wars with other familiar references in there.

Old or new, what good movies have you seen recently?

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  1. We love Tomorrowland and Guardian’s of the Galaxy. I had been wondering about The Intern, we will have to give it a try.

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