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Guide to Good Eats in South Jersey: Uncle Dewey’s BBQ

With a hankering for barbecue, Hubby wanted to head out somewhere new today. He’d seen a place on his way to the office but never had the chance to stop. He warned me that this place was a little unorthodox but that he had a feeling it was going to be well worth trying…he was right!

Uncle Dewey’s BBQ is located in Mays Landing/Mizpah on Route 40. It stands out because everything is outdoors! There’s a tent where all of the cooking is done and then the patrons sit in other tents at picnic tables. There are fans going to keep it cool, pictures of Dewey’s guests displayed all over the walls, some celebrity faces too! It was a pretty moderate summer day today, upper 80s and overcast, so we felt it was the perfect temperature to eat outside in such a setting.

uncle dewey's

The menu was what you’d find at most barbecue places – ribs, dogs, burgers, chicken, turkey legs, beef brisket and sides like green beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans, and french fries, to name a few – but the taste of the food itself went above and beyond the usual. For me, potato salad is absolutely essential when eating barbecue. I don’t know what it is, but it compliments that barbecue taste beautifully so I want a decent potato salad. It was actually the best I’d ever had, to tell you the truth. After that, I wasn’t surprised that my ribs were absolutely perfect. The sauce had such a unique flavor, the rib meat was sweet and tender. I feel like green beans are usually whatever, nothing special but my husband actually remarked that he thought his green beans were awesome. Everything at Uncle Dewey’s BBQ was just so original and superior, this is totally our barbecue place now!

uncle dewey's

The owner, Uncle Dewey himself, was roaming around the eating area greeting both regulars and new customers, sweet as absolute pie. He was telling us how all of the recipes are his own and that they used to only be open on Sundays but the demand was high, so now they’re open three days a week. The location is perfect for those heading to or from the beach, or gambling in Atlantic City. If you’ve got a barbecue craving, my family highly recommends checking out Uncle Dewey’s BBQ! Order just about everything on the menu (we got almost all of it!) and see how pleased you are with that smokey goodness! Also, I’m sorry for not getting any pictures of the food. I inhaled it. (I’m not sorry.)

For hours of operation, directions, and more information, be sure to check out their website and follow on social media!

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  1. Yum this sounds like a great place! I always love some good BBQ food! I don’t get down to AC too often anymore, but would love to check this place out!

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