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You Can Now Trade In Your Used Car Seat at Target!

It’s time for spring cleaning! The weather is growing lovely and it’s time to open the windows and let that breeze flow through your house. We headed into the attic to get our short-sleeved shirts and spring dresses and I noticed our old car seats that the kids have grown out of. They’re just taking up space, next to all of that stuff I’m “going to sell”. I find myself wondering if everyone has things they’re “going to sell” somewhere, or if they’re “having a yard sale as soon as the time is right”. My mom’s been saying that for years!

Anyway, car seats are a necessary thing when you have kids but the kids grow out of them like shoes! Every car seat varies but for many of them, the rules are pretty strict for safety reasons. If it’s past the expiration date on the seat, it’s done. If you submerge the straps in water, you can’t use them. If it’s been in an accident of any kind, whether the seats were occupied or not, it’s often no good anymore.

I once got rid of a car seat because the baby’s blowout was so unbelievably terrible. I carried her into the house and then I saw it. I stared at her, all the way to her legs with mess and just said, “NOPE, you’re ready to move into your convertible seat!” I put it out to the curb and put an online advertisement, which said something like “It’s perfectly fine other than the poo…clean it and you can keep it!” Someone picked it up within an hour!

Target and TerraCycle are teaming up to give us something to do with our old seats. They’re going to recycle them! Isn’t that awesome?! You can feel like you are helping the world! Oh and bonus, you’ll also get a coupon for 20% off of any car seat which is good through May 31st!

The event is from April 17th through April 30th so get into that attic or shed or wherever you’re hoarding your old seats, and get ready for an upgrade!

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