cleo madison bathing suit

My Dream Bathing Suit from Cleo Madison!

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Every year I treat myself to a new bathing suit. Some people think it’s odd but you know how women will collect shoes or purses? I’m that way with my bathing suits, I like to commemorate a new swimming season with a new suit for the occasion. This year I outdid myself. Cleo Madison‘s Maldives Floral Tankini has been my most favorite bathing suit of all and the compliments have just been rolling in!

cleo madison bathing suit

We went on vacation to Mexico and I needed the perfect bathing suit so I could impress all of the sea turtles at the coral reef and the bats in the cenotes. Just kidding, I knew there would be hundreds of pictures we’d be looking at forever and I wanted something awesome. I got just that from Cleo Madison. I wasn’t sure what type of bathing suit I wanted but I found that the Maldives Floral Tankini did a great job covering up the extra pounds I was putting on with the help of our all-inclusive meals. I was particularly a fan of the “bra” within the top. It actually has a nice shape to it as opposed to most bathing suits that just have little pads over your chest. I thought this top was way more flattering than any other I’ve ever had.

cleo madison bathing suit

The design of the Maldives Floral Tankini is SO BEAUTIFUL! The bright pink of the roses is a perfect shade to go with the aqua, it screams “summer fun” and they’re a fantastic combination! The roses are stunning and for me, definitely one of the few prints I’ve ever fallen in love with.

The Cleo Madison Maldives Floral Tankini is extremely comfortable and was my primary bathing suit throughout my vacation, meaning I had it on for most of the day every day. This bathing suit held up without fading, tearing, or hurting me on the ocean, underground rivers, and through lots of walking and under activity equipment. It’s obviously a really great quality.

cleo madison bathing suit

Cleo Madison has tons of gorgeous women’s clothing I would wear. Another reason that I would be happy to patronize this lovely business as a regular customer is because the owner is an absolute peach. She gives off such a nice vibe that says you can trust her to care about her customers and it personally makes me really happy to support such a good business.


You can purchase the Maldives Floral Tankini from Cleo Madison for only $31!


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