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5 Reasons To Get LASIK

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1. Time – If you were to calculate the amount of time spent putting contacts in and out, cleaning your glasses in a lifetime, it would be more than I care to imagine. I hope this isn’t just me but I lose my contact case EVERY SINGLE DAY. You would think that after a short time I’d learn my lesson but you’d be wrong. Every day I seem to find some new spot to throw in my contacts while I’m rushing around. I’ll find the case in the bathroom, on a book shelf in the kids’ room, the dashboard of my car, and they’ve ended up under the couch on way more occasions than I’d like. So much wasted time on these eye aids! I can’t wait for the convenience that LASIK will offer me!

2. Confidence – While appearance can be a factor and I’m really not a fan of how I look in glasses, I’m actually referring to the confidence that being able to see without aids would give me. It bothers me to know that if I were to suddenly lose my glasses or contacts, I would be completely helpless because I’m unable to see much. I couldn’t find my way and definitely couldn’t drive! I don’t know any other way to say that LASIK will complete me and make me feel whole.

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3. Comfort – Despite having worn glasses for 20 years, I’m still not the most comfortable in them. Some glasses don’t have a great grip on the bridge and slide right down when I’m trying to work or clean. Others pinch a little in certain spots. Contacts are no picnic either. On a particularly exhausting day, I’ll forget to take out my contacts and learn the true meaning of discomfort when I wake up to dry, sticky eyeballs in the middle of the night. How wonderful it will be to just be me, all on my own, with no extras to get comfortable with.

4. Cost – My husband in particular is excited at the thought of getting rid of the recurring cost of glasses and contacts. Even when you have insurance, there are co-pays, deductibles, and general costs involved with your eye care. For instance, my insurance is great but they still only cover six months worth of contacts for me every year. LASIK is a prescription in my eyes and it’s not something that I need to keep up with on a regular basis!

5. Happiness – The most important reason why I want LASIK is because it will make me happy. I can’t even fully express the true joy that I will feel when I am able to see the world with my own two eyes. When my kids climb on my bed in the morning to wake me up, I won’t need to take a minute to get glasses or contacts so that I can see their precious little face. I can just live in that moment with them. These precious moments are fleeting and I want every single one of them. LASIK is going to give that to me.

What appeals to YOU about LASIK?

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5 reasons to get LASIK and make your life a little easier.

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20 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Get LASIK

  1. I have wanted to get lasik for years but I think the fear of pain and the fear of cost have stopped me but it’s so true when you think of how much you spend on glasses, visits, and contact. Yes that adds up!

  2. I got LASIK back in 2008 and it’s the best money I’ve spent on myself. My vision is perfect (one eye is actually better than perfect) and the amount of money I’ve saved on contacts and eye exams and cleaning solution in the last 9 years pays for the surgery! It seems scary but I’d recommend it to anyone.

  3. Both of my sons have considered Lasik. They were born prematurely and have worn glasses since they were very young. I agree with your great reasons for getting Lasik but for me two of the biggest are the cost of eye care and the comfort aspect.

  4. I agree with all of these reasons. My only question is why haven’t I done it yet. I can’t wait to get LASIK!

  5. Cost, comfort, and confidence ?! Now this seems like a great product, thanks for sharing I know a few people who would need these.

  6. I like my glasses and would not like anything in or done to my eyes. Lol I do know someone who had LASIK and he was quite pleased. His eyes were really bad and he now goes glasses free.

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