Find Out What Happiness Tastes Like with Bakerly!

“Can I have a snack?” I hear that question, on average, 452 times a day. That’s probably a low estimate. We feed them well but you’d never know it because they always want more snacks. Needless to say, these snacks need to be healthier than a bag of candy or cookies. The thing about these snacks is that they also have to taste good or you’re wasting your money. We were extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to try Bakerly to meet those needs!

Bakerly’s slogan is “Baking happiness”, and that’s exactly what they do! Their delicious snack products are non-GMO, contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, nor trans fats. They’re such better options! They rely on the tastiness of nature for their treats! Luckily for us, the Bakerly products we tried were absolutely fantastic!


Among other fun little gifts, we received the Bakerly Brioche Rolls, Sliced Brioche, and Crunchy Crepes filled with caramel and also crepes filled with chocolate! The Brioche bread is just out of this world! Brioche is lightly sweet and such a treat, really no matter how you’re consuming it. The kids were eating it just as is and remarking about how sweet it was! I feel like it even looks thicker and richer than regular bread!


I recalled having fancy Brioche french toast at a restaurant so I knew I had to see if the Bakerly Brioche could stand the test! I treated the kids to some tasty Bakerly Brioche french toast with cinnamon and sugar and they were incredibly grateful! We all enjoyed it, even my husband who hates your average french toast. It’s easy enough to do, I feel like the Bakerly Brioche did half the work! I just dipped it in beaten eggs, speckled it with cinnamon, fried it in a pan, and topped it with confectioners sugar!


The crepes come in a variety of types. The Crunchy Crepes have crispy cereal along with their filling. We tried the caramel crispy crepes but they also have crispy chocolate ones! The regular crepes come in chocolate or strawberry filling made of real strawberries! Crepes are such a treat but we were all excited at the idea that we could have them at our leisure instead of when Mommy has time to stand in front of the stove and perfectly fold them up. The Bakerly crepes have been the perfect snack for me to toss into the lunch box for school or even a treat while they’re waiting for the bus in the mornings.


The Brioche rolls are made with an authentic French recipe and they smell tasty! Even though the classic shrimp rolls recipe looked great, I decided to make buttery cinnamon and sugar sticks. The Brioche rolls are quite lovely all by themselves but I just had to taste for myself how wonderful they would be with a little extra sweetness as a dessert to share! I wanted to get a picture of those but they seriously ate them all before I could even get it. The kids think I’m some amazing baker now but it’s really just Bakerly!

While I didn’t get to try them yet, I want to mention some of the other Bakerly snacks that got my attention! The chocolate croissants, chocolate chunk mini brioches, and filled sponge cakes! I can’t wait to get my hands on a strawberry filled sponge cake, actually.

The bottom line is that we all really loved Bakerly and we are definitely going to be picking up more of these delicious treats for our household, not just for the kids but for me!


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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only.

9 thoughts on “Find Out What Happiness Tastes Like with Bakerly!

  1. Oh this looks so good we dont eat alot of bread products in our home I have celiac disease so everything musy be gluten wheat free for me.

  2. Non GMO, the best kind of food! And it looks very fresh. I would buy their products. Your Bakerly Brioche french toast with cinnamon and sugar looks amazing, good job!

  3. Great review! We are a bread eating family! Just about every snack is some kind of bread product! I have tried all different kinds to try and stay away from the white bread. But I have not found a healthy bread I like! Lol The Brioche bread sounds so yummy! I definitely want to try Bakerly! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love crepes all of a sudden and I think that I am not alone. There is even a crepe place at the mall. They are fantastic.

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