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Put Them in the Story this Holiday Season with Put Me in the Story Personalized Books!

There is little that is more magical than your child seeing their own name when they read a story or you read a story to them. As far as selection and quality goes, Put Me in the Story has always been my favorite place to shop for personalized story books!

Put Me in the Story offers paperback and hardcover books which incorporate your child’s name into the story. Search for books based on who you’re shopping for like your nephew, granddaughter, child, or even an adult or pet! You can also find books for many different occasions like baptisms, birthdays, holidays, and weddings. Put Me in the Story’s books vary in reading difficulty level, from pre-reading to comfortable reader with plenty of activities!

put me in the story avengers saves the day

This time around, I was shopping for my son and my niece’s Christmas gifts. For my son, I encountered several awesome superhero books that I knew he would love. After e-flipping through the pages, a feature that Put Me in the Story offers and I love, I ultimately decided on Marvel’s Avengers: (YOUR CHILD) Saves the Day. What better title could there be than that for a little hero?! This book is not only packed with fun “top secret” information but it’s also very engaging, with a few pages for the little guy to write on. We’re surprising the little man with this gift so I read it to my daughter instead and she thinks it’s the best book she’s heard yet! We agreed that our Marvel-loving boy is going to be over-the-moon excited to be a part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team!

put me in the story avengers saves the day

For my precious little niece, I chose Disney’s Sofia the First! She’s only one so I wanted to choose something that didn’t have too much text so that we could keep her attention, but also enough to make the story interesting for her. I can’t tell you how many times my own children have complained about stories that say the same three words on each page. The Disney’s Sofia the First is nothing like that! There is an adorable story with a happily ever after ending. The illustrations are very cute and accurate to the Sofia the First series. What I love about this story is that it’s a perfect toddler read but it’s also going to be great for a new reader to begin reading on their own. This book will grow with her and it’s my hope that she’ll keep it forever as memento.

put me in the story sofia the first

My favorite parts of the memento personalization process are the photo of the child that you can upload and share, as well as the dedication page. I wrote a dedication to my precious little niece from Tía Tiffany, as I have named myself, as well as her Uncle James. I hope she’ll think of us every time she picks up this story about herself as a Princess!


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  1. I think these personalized books are fantastic. I gave one to my niece. They really get a kick out of seeing their photo and name in a book!

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