homedics deep sleep therapy machine

Drifting Off into a Deep Sleep™ with HoMedics!

HoMedics makes great sound machines for babies, your fussy little children who struggle to get their naps because big brother and sister are making all kinds of noise in the play room. Well, what about the adults? After spending year after year being tuned in to the sounds of baby after baby, making sure that they didn’t need me throughout the night, I struggle to fall asleep. The sound of a pin dropping could wake me. Also, the sound of my cat thinking that 5 o’clock in the morning is time to dance up and down the walls wakes me too. This is where the Deep Sleep™ Sleep Therapy Machine comes into play, or rather, to sleep!

The HoMedics Deep Sleep™ Sleep Therapy Machine is a sound machine intended to help you relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep at night. The device plays calming nature tones as well as white noise sounds. We are particularly fond of the rain and thunderstorm sounds, which we play on a slightly high volume while we sleep all night. The Deep Sleep™ remains on all night (if you want it to!) and helps us to stay asleep and not be startled by every little thing, which I love. I was recently sick and had to sleep on the couch so I asked my husband to plug it in in the living room for me because I’ve grown so comfortable with it that I can’t possibly go without!

I love that the Deep Sleep™ can be controlled by remote so if we’re both half-asleep and snuggled up in our beds, we can adjust the volume, change the sound effects, dim the light, or turn the device on or off entirely. It’s been incredibly convenient for both of us, especially during these busy holiday months when there is so much going on!

homedics deep sleep therapy machine

My husband has been working overnights lately and we found that it was next to impossible for him to be able to sleep during the day. While my older two are at school, we do still have three children at home for most of the day and this means that there will be arguing, loud playing, or the occasional temper tantrum as thrown by my toddler. Before we had the Deep Sleep™, we would repeatedly have to remind the kids that Daddy’s trying to sleep and then I’d hear him toy with his phone to try and find some type of noise that would drown out all of the craziness of the house.

Now it’s simple, he turns on our Deep Sleep™ Sleep Therapy Machine and he’s out like a light in minutes. The sound isn’t so loud that it disrupts the entire house wondering why there is a thunderstorm in my bedroom, but it is loud enough that he can’t hear our chaos in his dreams. He’s incredibly grateful for that opportunity!

homedics deep sleep therapy machine

The quality and sounds of the Deep Sleep™ are very good and relaxing. Sometimes we’ll just lay in bed and pretend there is a storm outside and that there is rain pitter-pattering down the windows. It’s a nice visualization. Actually, it would have been a lovely sound machine for labor also! I really think it’s handy for a lot of different areas of life. We brought it on vacation with us at one point because we knew that sleeping in a new place might be tough, especially when you’re not sure if you can count on a comfy mattress.

We would definitely buy the Deep Sleep™ as a gift for friends and family, which is why it’s made it onto our holiday gift guide this year! If you love someone enough to get them the gift of relaxation, then the Deep Sleep™ Sleep Therapy Machine is one to check out!


You can purchase a Deep Sleep™ Sleep Therapy Machine at HoMedics.com for $79.99.

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14 thoughts on “Drifting Off into a Deep Sleep™ with HoMedics!

  1. This sounds like a good way to block out noise from others and I use ear plugs that really help block out a lot of far away noise. I think this is a good machine to try and help fall asleep and stay asleep with.

  2. This is awesome! I sleep very well (Thank God) but my best friend has a really difficult time. I am going to show her this. I sure hope it helps her. Sleep is so important.

  3. Those machines are electronic magic. I believe it can help all kids drift off better and have sweet dreams.

  4. This really sounds awesome, as I am light sleeper! I love that it can be turned off for the times when I need to be aware, like when someone is sick. I would also think this might be a good tool for those who have pets who have ‘thunder’ and fireworks fear. thanks for the outstanding review!

  5. This sounds amazing. We all have different sleep schedules and I know there are times I need to sleep during the day when others in the household are up and active. Throw in three very vocal bulldogs and it can get crazy. I will have to check this out. It could be our solution to better sleep all around.

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