We Are All Truly Enchanted by Enchantimals Dolls!

There is no easing into this review because it’s absolutely my favorite and hottest toy pick for the year: Enchantimals! Enchantimals are beautiful six inch dolls that resemble the adorable animals they share a bond with. My husband drew my attention to them in the store and I knew we had to have them! I did receive these for review but to be perfectly honest with you, we planned on purchasing them either way and we will probably pick up more of the sets soon too!


Enchantimals are some of the most positively unique dolls that I’ve encountered. They’re named quite well because they really are enchanting! Each doll has an accompanying pet and you’ll notice that they have some of the same features as their pets, like fox ears, wings, or a skunk tail. These features are shown in the most lovely way and it’s what really attracted me to these toys! They’re also priced incredibly well, with a doll and her pet costing under $10, sets being a bit more. You’ve paid this for a basic blonde doll that comes with nothing but a bikini so there is zero reason not to pick up one of these cuties for that price!


There are a bunch of individual Enchantimals available already, all with different animals and looks. We received Felicity Fox who is a pretty shade of light orange and looks fiery with her fox, Flick, by her side. Bree Bunny has a buddy named Twist and they’re both pink as can be, with the sweetest little whiskers! Sage Skunk looks like she and her pal Caper are the leads in a cool rock band. Patter Peacock and Flap were the first to catch my eye, because Patter looks almost like a fairy! Lorna Lamb is probably my favorite though. She’s got big puffy white hair and a kind smile like her precious Flag the lamb.


Our collection isn’t even the end of the line though! Without getting into their names, there’s still a monkey, cheetah, parrot, turtle, penguin, owl, and even a boy with a hedgehog! Basically, if your child has a favorite animal, you may very well find a matching Enchantimals doll for it! My hope is that my girls are so in love with Enchantimals that they decide to collect them all. My six year old already pointed out all the ones she hopes to get and we hadn’t even seen them all yet! I would have no qualms with tossing all of our old doll figures for these fun and adventurous gals (and guys!)!


I’d been reading through reviews of Enchantimals online and the majority are five star reviews, people who are as thrilled as I am. Here and there, I would find a negative review saying only that people were disappointed that the dolls didn’t do something. I just wanted to take my platform to say that if you need the dolls to do something, you’re totally missing the point and you’re underestimating your kids! These dolls have a unique look that tells a story of its own. Again I say that if you’ve ever bought them those blonde bikini dolls, this is like that except way cooler to look at and imagine a story for. These are the types of dolls they’ll want to collect and try to get each one! If you’re looking for more to interact with, there are tons of great Enchantimals sets on the market too.


We got to try out one of the many sets, the Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set. It’s a colorful treehouse playset, with a little swing and even a branch elevator. The Playhouse Panda set comes with Prue Panda and her panda Nari. Prue and all of her friends can swing on the swing, enjoy some tea in the kitchen, or stand on the balcony and check out nature. It comes with a bed for Prue and a basket for Nari to rest too. There’s a “mommy and me” styled potty in the bathroom, so Nari can learn to use the bathroom while Prue does. Nari can go up to his own little treetop perch and down a little slide.


The Enchantimals slogan is Caring Is Our Everything™, which I adore. They’re intended to be these friendly creatures who are kind to each other and everything in nature! I’m really pulling for an Enchantimals television cartoon at some point, after checking out some of their videos. As you can see, I’m all in on this one. I don’t get down on the floor and play with all of their toys but I’m all over this line. I might even call dibs on Lorna Lamb being my doll when they ask me to play, haha!


I hope you’ve kept up with me this entire time. I tried to keep it short but there are really a lot of things that me and my girls love about the entire Enchantimals line and we want everyone to check them out. Here’s the summary: Enchantimals are beautiful, unique, affordable, worth it, and will totally be a hit with your imaginative children!


You can purchase Enchantimals dolls and playsets at your local retailer or online at Amazon or the Mattel shop.

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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for our honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own only.


14 thoughts on “We Are All Truly Enchanted by Enchantimals Dolls!

  1. These sets are so cute! Both of my daughters would absolutely love them! 🙂 Thanks for the great gift idea!

  2. I can see this coming into my home, with three girls under the age of 10. They all love playing make believe with animals and dolls, so for a company to cater to to that by combining the two, I can see this becoming quite popular.

  3. Oh those are so cool! I’m totally getting one for my niece for a christmas present! Thanks for the idea:) Love the photos too!

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