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Make Play Time SUPER with the Super Wings!

While the older kids are at school, I do a bit of homeschool work with my son and then let him choose a television show to watch before he takes a little nap. One day, he came upon the Super Wings and it’s been one of his favorite shows since! Super Wings is about a jet plane named Jett who delivers package to kids around the world. Jett’s team of airplanes, the Super Wings, work with him to help solve problems and also learn about different cultures all over the world. I’ve seen other shows about different kinds of vehicles but I feel like this one is the most fun, age-appropriate, friendly, and educational. That’s why I was so excited to surprise him with Super Wings toys for Christmas! His sister tested them out for me and she gasped and said, “He’s going to LOVE these, he loves this show!” I’m pretty sure she wants to keep them but I’m sure that he will share with her because I raised SUPER nice kids (haha!). Apparently, even my two year old knows who Super Wings are because she came up while I was re-sizing photos, saw them and said, “I want Super Wings!” See, they’re popular here.

super wings

Super Wings Jett’s Takeoff Tower is a big Jett that opens up to be a functional airport! There are ramps, a World Airport Tower, and Air Traffic Control Center as well as a little Jett that can transform into a bot. Your child can “fly” the big Jett around or use the small Jett up and down his airport! Little latches and buttons can help him maneuver around his airport, like the button that drops him down a slide in the front!

super wings

All of the ramps fold up easily inside the big jet plane and it has a handle for easy carrying and travel. I particularly liked that because I think that it will make clean-up incredibly easy every time!

super wings

The Super Wings Super Robot Suit is a big transforming toy, which appeals to the reason why my son loves the Super Wings so much! Jett can transform into a bot, say ten different things, and light up! My son loves transforming toys so I feel like even if your child hasn’t seen Super Wings, they would really get a kick out of this feature!

super wings

There are a lot of spots where you can twist and turn him but don’t worry, he’s pretty durable. While trying to transform him, I pulled off a piece and thought I broke him, but it turns out that this toy kind of anticipates that out of your kids by making him fairly adjustable. In other words, Super Wings Super Robot Suit is doing great and is going to be quite the gift for my little man. I’m hoping to pick him up some of the other transforming characters too so that he can play with them altogether! Of all the toys he’s getting this year, this is one of my favorites to see his reaction!

super wings


Purchase Super Wings toys from Target, WalMart, and Toys R Us.

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7 thoughts on “Make Play Time SUPER with the Super Wings!

  1. An airport and a plane. Would make for easier clean up for the kids. Younger kids could get an idea of a real airport, yet parts don’t get lost all over the house!

  2. It is a great learning toy. What child doesn’t love an airplane? I like that it is durable and easy to carry.

  3. Oh if my kids were still young this would be on the must-have list! Great quality and creatively encouraging.

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