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Start Your Celebration Right with RSVP Custom Creations!

People love to begin a new year with big news and changes. My social media feed was filled announcements of engagement proposals and new babies. With a beautiful year ahead, now it’s time for the planning process. You want to celebrate these special moments with your loved ones with pretty decorative themes and in the perfect venue. But invitations are the first part of the event that allows people to get hyped to attend and celebrate! For this, I have to recommend RSVP Custom Creations!

There’s a reason that brides on those bridal shows will spend hours thumbing through pages and pages of invitations, obsessing over fonts, styles, and paper. It’s because invitations matter! You can tell a lot about an event by its invitation. The fancy ones with layers, finely cut designs and embellishments, you know that they’re for that once in a lifetime event. The first day of the rest of your life starts with an invitation that says this is our special day. I am over the moon for the wedding invitations that RSVP Custom Creations can create!

The first thing I noticed about the wedding invitations were the thick, pearlized paper that glimmered in my hands. The navy blue in one of the wedding invitations was such a rich, stunning color that I immediately thought about how wonderful it is to have the option to find an invitation that matches your wedding colors. That invitation also contains a perfect pocket in the back, which holds additional cards such as the reception and response cards. The rhinestone gives just the right amount of bling to this elegant invitation.

The other wedding invitation I sampled has a laser cut envelope that I think gives the appearance of a lacey look. Inside is another beautiful pearlized invitation with a response card, a simple elegance. The wedding invitations and menu cards from RSVP Custom Creations are classy and exactly what I would want to announce my big, important day!

rsvp custom creations

Throwing a baby shower is no little event either. That first step into motherhood is another most momentous day of one’s life! Find elegant invitations shaped like bottles and adorable ones in the shape of a onesie. The rhinestone and bow embellishments are my favorite though, they really draw your attention! I love the different themed options, like the Peter Rabbit and princesses. Matching tags, thank you cards, and special request cards make for a lovely set!

rsvp custom creations

Traveling down the journey of life, our next stop is the first birthday! Many of us go all out and do a huge party for that first year and RSVP Custom Creations has the invitations for that too, as well as any of the years after! It’s great that I can choose a pretty “1” or tons of different birthday themes and styles.

rsvp custom creations

My overall opinion of RSVP Custom Creations is that there is great care put into the creation of these cards. As far as pricing goes, they are really affordable with many being just over $1. The paper quality is magnificent, the varieties of attractive font are suitable for many occasions, and I would definitely be proud to send these cards out to our loved ones. They are sure to leave a lasting impression on my guests! My favorite cousin is having a big wedding ceremony this year (Congratulations to Michael, a West Point grad and overall awesome guy!) and I will definitely be recommending RSVP Custom Creations to his beautiful bride!

You can purchase invitations for any occasion at Be sure to use the code QUIRKY15 for 15% off your order!

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  1. Oh the possibilities you can create with these invitations is simply amazing. I love the different fonts that you can choose from. I especially love the different themes, the baby bottle ones are just too cute!

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