britax b-mobile stroller

We’re On The Move with the Britax B-Mobile Stroller!

Does anyone else have an absolutely impossible time finding strollers they love? I feel like over the years, we’ve owned a million different types of strollers and I’ve never really been wowed…until now. The Britax B-Mobile stroller has everything I’ve been looking for in a stroller!

britax b-mobile stroller

With as often as we’re on-the-go and especially as we plan for our big vacation, I wanted something that was easy to lug around but had the features you’d find in a regular stroller. The Britax B-Mobile is a lightweight stroller with a hands-free carrying strap, making it absolutely perfect for travel. The strap is actually the belly bar so it’s cushioned and doesn’t actually feel like you’re carrying a stroller on your shoulder. It’s honestly really simple to carry, which I adore.

britax b-mobile stroller

The main thing I need in any stroller is actually the ability to recline all the way. When we’re out with a toddler, I need them to have the opportunity to take a nap or else everyone is going to have a miserable time! Umbrella strollers don’t have that perk and they’re also not nearly as comfortable, so the Britax B-Mobile stroller saves us there. It’s more cushioned than your average lightweight stroller and the recline is PERFECT for naps! I would say that I was most excited about that and I think other toddler moms who are out a lot will get me on that one!

britax b-mobile stroller

The canopy on the Britax B-Mobile offers decent coverage and it also has a little flap that you can pull out to make it a bit longer, great for shading in the sun or a light drizzle. You can unzip a section in the back to make everything more mesh and breathable, which is way more versatile than most lightweight strollers I’ve had my hands on. There’s a little pocket in the back, good for putting your keys and a few diapers but the basket on the bottom is decently sized, I would say good for a small diaper bag or lunch box. It doesn’t have a cup holder for mom or baby but there are plenty of spots to put that universal add-on yourself, if you need it.

britax b-mobile stroller

I wanted to note that the Britax B-Mobile is actually travel system adaptable and comes with the adapters for that. I have no need for those but thought that was a nifty feature. If you’re using the stroller without the car seat, it can accommodate children up to 55 pounds, which is actually more than my eight year old. I’d say that’s a perfect fit for those vacations where you’re going to be doing a ton of walking!

britax b-mobile stroller

I’m going to put it out there that while this is an amazing travel stroller, this is going to be our main stroller. We’re always doing festivals and parks, we’re constantly on our feet with the kids and it’s so nice to have something lightweight with all the frills. It’s easy to open, close, push with one hand while I multitask (a must for mamas!), and carry around with me.

britax b-mobile stroller

You can get the Britax B-Mobile stroller now for $159.99 in Apple (lime green), Ruby (red), Cobalt (blue), and Raven (black). The Britax B-Mobile travel bag, rain cover, and insect cover are also available separately for purchase.

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11 thoughts on “We’re On The Move with the Britax B-Mobile Stroller!

  1. Awesome! I rank lightweight being the most important feature of a stroller–there is nothing worse than hauling around heavy “kid equipment!”

  2. I love how nicely it folds up. I am in dire need of a new travel stroller. I have a little cheap umbrella stroller and it has definitely had better times. This looks like it would hold up well and be perfect for my needs in the airport.

  3. Looks like a great stroller! I love having a lightweight stroller for easy travel while at the same time still being functional. You need a great storage basket underneath. Btw, I love your Doc McStuffins bag underneath the stroller.

  4. This stroller has a ton of great features! Now that I’m in Europe and taking public transportation with three toddlers, I need something more lightweight.

  5. I am a total Britax mom. I love all their products. This stroller looks amazing and I love that it connects with their travel seats and reclines!

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