storkcraft wooden rocking horse

Fun That Rocks with the Storkcraft Wooden Rocking Horse

When children are young, they can grow out of toys quickly. Plastic toys don’t last but some toys are timeless. The Storkcraft Wooden Rocking Horse is a timeless classic, a high quality toy meant to last and be passed down.

storkcraft wooden rocking horse

We have the white Storkcraft Wooden Rocking Horse and the kids love it! It’s meant for ages two to six and holds up to 60 pounds so it’s got a much higher age range than I was originally anticipating. I’m partial to the white color because I feel like it will go perfectly in any room, a nice simple yet elegant addition. I also felt that the white made it easily personalized with vinyl. It really made the vinyl coloring stand out!

storkcraft wooden rocking horse

The horse is easy to put together, it only took me a about fifteen minutes to get everything put together and screwed in tightly. It’s bigger than it looks but that’s because it can hold bigger kids. The yarn hair is soft and the kids can braid it and play with it. The girls put a little bow in its hair after they braided it.

storkcraft wooden rocking horse

The Storkcraft Wooden Rocking Horse is very sturdy and held up just fine with my six year old rocking on it. The wood is finished very smoothly, no risk of splinters or anything like that. Once our toddler outgrows it, we plan to keep it and pass it down throughout the family. I think that this is the type of toy that you keep through generations, it’s the perfect keepsake.

storkcraft wooden rocking horse

Being the perfect keepsake actually makes this a really fantastic gift as well. Bringing it along to a baby shower for a new mom would be so beautiful. If you’re able to personalize with vinyl like I did, an even bigger bonus! We all adore this toy and it’s made the perfect addition to our home and family mementos!


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9 thoughts on “Fun That Rocks with the Storkcraft Wooden Rocking Horse

  1. Every child should have a rocking horse for play and imagination! This Storkcraft wooden rocking horse looks well-made and one that will last for generations!

  2. What wonderful well made rocking horse. I love that it’s so sturdy and can hold kids up to 60 pounds. This would definitely make a great gift too.

  3. I was immediately drawn to that head of hair on the horse. It almost matches her hair. I also like the personalization and the braided tail

  4. This is so cute! My Dad made one for my daughter’s when they were little(they’re 22 & 24 now), he passed away 9 and a half years ago. It’s a treasure 🙂

  5. This is really cute and I love the fact that it is personalized. It is also a small size perfect for the little ones, I don’t really like the big ones because they can fall off and hurt themselves. It looks well made and definitely would be something that could be passed down through generations with proper care.

  6. My wife and I both had rocking horses a kids and I know how much we enjoyed them. I cannot imagine childhood without one.

  7. A rocking horse is absolutely necessary, at least everyone in my family thinks so. We have all enjoyed the ones we had as children and love to watch our children and grandchildren on theirs.

  8. That is really cute! I love the personalization on it! I love that some toys just continue in popularity–I think it’s better to invest in classic toys than ones that will just be “unpopular” by next month!

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