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Genuine Mess-Free Coloring with Crayola Color Wonder!

If you roam through the children’s bedrooms in my home, you will feel as though you are touring an art gallery. Spirited drawings of life and dreams line the walls, each stroke telling a different story. That sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Yeah, not when it’s on the actual wall, penned by the toddler voted most likely to give Mommy grey hairs. Unfortunately, years of this art graced our lives before we grabbed a Crayola Color Wonder book on our way out of a Target recently, in an attempt to distract the toddler. Where had I been?! These magical tools were a dream come true!!

Crayola Color Wonder is a line of coloring tools that only work in the coloring book or sheets intended, not all over the kids’ arms and legs or your wall. I know what you might be thinking, “How is it that she has this much experience with her toddler coloring on stuff?” Despite the fact that regular markers are still banned from my home, my toddler has found a way. While I’m in the bathroom, working, or cooking, she manages to locate a marker in some hidden place and create a masterpiece on her body and bedroom wall. I’ve used the scrubbers that can get anything out of the wall and it’s still an hours long process. What’s magical isn’t those sponges, it’s Color Wonder.

crayola color wonder

We’ve got the Crayola Color Wonder coloring books, which are themed with some of the kids’ favorite things like Disney’s Finding Dory or the Shopkins. There are tons of colors but they only show up on the coloring books, which means I can hand them to my toddler for coloring and not worry about anything at all! We also have the Crayola Color Wonder Paintbrush Pens that glide like actual paintbrushes and still yet, make no mess! What kind of paint doesn’t make a mess? Only a mom would be this excited about that!

Perfect timing for summer vacations and road trips, we also got a chance to try out the Crayola Color Wonder travel kits! These little on-the-go kits have three small markers and mini coloring pages that fit perfectly inside of a small travel case. It occupies them on the long car rides and then I don’t have to worry about their clothes or my car being covered in marker when we get there!

crayola color wonder

The Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio is also good for on the go! It’s got blank sheets which is awesome to really let that creativity fly. I love when my kids draw pictures of the family and over the years, you can see them start to look more like actual people with their detail! It’s so adorable! I love the perforated edges so that I can tear off the page and display it on the fridge and keep it in my memory folders.

crayola color wonder

I have to admit that until I introduced Color Wonder, I tried to avoid my toddler coloring at all without full 100% supervision at all times and that’s a tough one. Crayola offers so much variety in the Color Wonder products that I can let this little independent girl do pretty much any art activity on her own. Glittery sheets of paper, stampers, many different colors, I love the options! I’m already planning on getting her a ton of them for her birthday and Christmas, especially since they’ve got so many of her favorite characters to choose from! I give this line of products a 10/10 and plan to recommend it to every toddler and preschooler mother I meet from here on out. Let them express their artistic abilities without the stress, get Color Wonder!


You can purchase Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go packs at retailers nationwide.

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5 thoughts on “Genuine Mess-Free Coloring with Crayola Color Wonder!

  1. Wow, these are really cool! this is definitely something that i need for my 3 year old, he thinks its funny to draw on himself and just this week he colored our bed sheet lol. I’ll have to go buy some for Christmas for him and my niece

  2. Both of my nieces love to color and want to be artists! I would love to encourage this and get them these for Christmas gifts!

  3. I like this, it’s great they are made to not get on anything else. I’ll be looking for some of these at my local store.

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