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Walk It Out with Stella Flats from Secret Celebrity!

You’ve heard about my adoration for their fancy comfort and all of the compliments, but now it’s time to talk about my Secret Celebrity casual shoe of choice… Stella! Stella shoes are flat slip-on shoes that come in black and white checkerboard, merlot, and my personal favorite, denim!

stella secret celebrity

My denim Stellas are extremely comfortable with their removable memory foam insole lining, making it perfect for this mom on the go to be walking all over the place, especially as the weather [finally] warms up! Let me first tell you that I normally don’t like flat slip-ons. There is something about them that often makes the footwear look cheap and I have absolutely never found a pair that didn’t leave me with blisters until now! I’ve been wearing my Stella shoes everywhere with no discomfort whatsoever and they are so CUTE!

stella secret celebrity

The gold, pewter or bronze zipper and chain link across the top make the Stella look so much fancier than a slip-on and obviously the comfort is a huge factor too. I particularly love my denim design because I think it goes with a lot of outfits while also letting me feel a little more casual. I keep them by the door so that they can be my go-to shoe if I’ve got to run out anywhere and fashion-wise, you don’t have to wear them with socks so that makes things a little bit easier too. I also have a weird tidbit to share… I wore them for a refreshing walk in the pouring rain the other night and they were soaked but didn’t leak color onto anything. You know how that can happen with some denim? I don’t know, just a fact to keep in the back of your mind. Ha!

The request that led me to the Stella was actually, “Can you send me your most comfortable shoe for walking?” as I begin to prepare for a bunch of vacations and being out and about all day. The woman I spoke to for Secret Celebrity told me that she wears the Stella to work every day and adores it. She was absolutely right!

stella secret celebrity

I’m also getting a ton of compliments on it, which actually surprised me because I thought that being denim, it would be understated and nobody would even notice. At this point, Secret Celebrity is making me look like one of those shoe-loving ladies but really, it’s just that I love Secret Celebrity shoes because somebody with fashion sense is obviously considering a woman’s comfort when they put together shoe styles and I hate to say that most companies really aren’t. The bottom line here is if you’re looking for cuteness and comfort, Secret Celebrity is where to go. If you are looking for the best shoe to be on the move, the Stella is what you need. Fellas looking for a Mother’s Day gift for the Mrs., be sure to check it out!

Get a pair of Stella flats for $49.99 at

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*The Quirky Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only.

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