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Garden Lites, A Tasty Twist on Everyday Veggies

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I’m going to be completely honest in a way that I hope others will relate to: I love to eat healthy food but I need it to be easy and more importantly, to taste good. I want to eat the right things for my body but I feel like we’re all so picky in my household. We eat lots of fruit all day long but vegetables can be a little more difficult to push on the kids. My toddler loves lima beans and broccoli but I’m fairly certain she’s super-human. As far as many other vegetables, I tend to have to hide them or mix them with other things the kids will eat. When it comes to quick foods that are delicious and nutritious, we’re reaching for Garden Lites now.

Garden Lites are non-GMO, gluten-free, and delectable treats that focus on using fruits and vegetables as their main ingredients. Fruits and vegetables are awesome but since kids don’t always think so, it’s nice to have a bit of a twist on that typical flavor. The Chocolate Muffins, made with zucchini and carrots, for instance, taste like a miniature cake. The kids will never suspect a thing!

Garden Lites chocolate muffins

You store the Garden Lites in the freezer and they can be warmed up in the oven or microwave for that hot and fresh taste. I love heating the Banana Chocolate Chip muffins to make the chocolate chips all gooey. They’re fantastic and it’s hard for me to eat just one but that 120 calorie count is pretty appealing when you’re watching your calorie intake!

I don’t want to spend all of my time on tasty muffins (I mean, unless I’m eating them) but they also have Blueberry Oat with zucchini as the first ingredient. There’s Cranberry Orange, Carrot Berry, Ninja Power, plus a Spongebob Chocolate Krabby Square. The Garden Lites muffins are an excellent source of fiber, come in a package of six, taste AWESOME, and are healthy. We’re finding that they’re great for snacks to take to school because they’re allergy-friendly. Plus, they’re a nice quick breakfast!

Garden Lites spinach frittatas

For another quick breakfast, I’m obsessed with the new Garden Lites frittatas. For now, they’ve got Veggie Bacon and Potato as well as Spinach Egg White. The Veggie Bacon and Potato in particular is my absolute favorite. I like to eat a light breakfast and this little 80 calorie gem is delightful, nutritious, and quick!

Garden Lites banana chocolate chip muffins

The array of healthy treats includes a lot more than that, like Superfood Mac and Cheese, Broccoli Cheddar Bake, and WAFFLES! Butternut squash and carrots hidden never tasted better and it’s yet another thing you can sneak by those veggie-hating kids! I’m totally sold and have already told them I’m looking forward to seeing more and more from Garden Lites!

As a mom constantly on the go trying to find ways to incorporate nutrition into quickie diets, I’m 100% on board with Garden Lites. The taste is phenomenal and I’m a junk food fan, this stuff replaces those cravings in a way that I can truly appreciate. If you try anything from Garden Lites and decide you love it, let your grocer know. I want to see these things available everywhere!

You can find Garden Lites at many local retailers. Check the store locator here.

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