The Nutcracker is performed by the Altlantic City Ballet company in New Jersey!

The Nutcracker is Coming to Atlantic City Again!

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When I was a little girl, I have this beautiful memory of going with my grandmother to a performance of The Nutcracker. I remember walking through the hallways to get to our seats, intimidated by how many people were filing in for the show. Once I sat down and the lights dimmed, what I saw on stage was pure magic. The Nutcracker is a show that I feel should be an essential part of every little kid’s holiday traditions because it just gets you into the spirit of the season. Every area seems to have some school performances but here in New Jersey we’re lucky enough to have the amazing Atlantic City Ballet to share this annual performance with us!

Founded and led by international ballerina, Phyllis Papa, the Atlantic City Ballet is a highly skilled company of professional dancers in its 36th year of bringing stunning classics and new works to the community. The company has performed works like Swan Lake, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sleeping Beauty, and of course, its annual holiday show, The Nutcracker. These dancers are classically trained, often award winning, and the passion for what they do shows through in their exhilarating performances.

The Nutcracker is performed by the Atlantic City Ballet company in New Jersey.

Not only do these yearly presentations feature some of the most talented dancers in the country, they also cast many children aspiring to someday be professional dancers as well. Imagine being a dance student dancing side by side with the artists of your dreams! You can’t get a better mentor-mentee relationship than that!

We actually had the opportunity to interview some of these delightful dance students living out their dreams and it was such a wonderful experience! They were so kind and clearly so determined to do their absolute best. My eight year old was enamored by their skills and wise advice for other children hoping to someday attain these big dreams!

When I think about The Nutcracker, I think about joyful dances of the Sugarplum Fairy and music that has forever made my heart smile just in time for Christmas. I think about how necessary it is for me to give my children that experience of witnessing the show live to put them in the same mood. When I think about the Atlantic City Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker, it sparks inspiration that I hope for my children to feel too. When I watch those outstanding performers, the professionals and the students, dancing together to one of the most delightful holiday ballets in existence, I feel the magic swirling around me in that room.

The Nutcracker performances include students dancing side by side with the Atlantic City Ballet company.

Although they’ve performed in theaters across the country, we are fortunate enough to have the Atlantic City Ballet based out of Atlantic City, New Jersey. You can see The Nutcracker performances at the Circus Maximus Theater in Caesars Hotel on Saturday, December 15th at 7pm and Sunday, December 16th at 4pm. You can also view the show at The Strand Theater in Lakewood on Saturday, December 22nd at 7pm with the Garden State Philharmonic.

Purchase tickets to attend The Nutcracker here.

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Have you ever seen a live performance of The Nutcracker? What’s your favorite part?

*The Quirky Mom Next Door received tickets in exchange for coverage of this event. All opinions and experiences are our own only.

10 thoughts on “The Nutcracker is Coming to Atlantic City Again!

  1. Awe – we keep saying we are going to go see the Nutcracker but we live far from any city – it is a huge task to try to get there. Looks like a great time.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. I love the idea of seeing the Nutcracker during the holidays. We need to look into our local theatres to see what’s available. Love this idea.

  3. I have actually never seen the Nutcracker, but I have always heard great things about it. Looks like I’ll have to find a show this season! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have seen The Nutcracker one time before and it was absolutely amazing. I would love to be able to see it again!

  5. I haven’t ever made it through and entire performance of the Nutcracker. I was actually in the audience as the show started, but my granddaughter became ill and needed to leave. I haven’t had a chance to make it back to another show. It’s hard with the performances usually happening only around Christmas time every year.

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