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Real Life Among Us Game

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Once the holiday season commences, work gets hectic. We have our gift guides and so many holiday projects to work on that the household chores start falling by the wayside. I was feeling overwhelmed one night and a light bulb flashed in my head. AMONG US! This computer (or mobile) game that we’ve been playing with friends or as a family has become a bit of an obsession.

In the game, your characters are Crewmates in a space-themed setting and you must go through completing tasks on the ship. These tasks are things like miniature puzzles or even a simple button-press. But beware! Someone among you is an impostor, pretending to do tasks and eliminating real Crewmates in secret.

You can call emergency meetings to discuss your suspicions but be careful because if you vote off the wrong person, you are closer to your team losing. If your crew completes their tasks before the Impostor can kill everyone, you win. If not, they win. There are also little curve balls like the oxygen depleting and the reactor melting down that can throw off the team.

To encourage my kids to help out around the house, a game is always productive! I decided to adapt Among Us into a real life game of chores and while I’m still working on small details, we’ve had a pretty successful run so I thought that I should share!


among us


Here’s what you’ll need:


Small sheets of paper

Pens for each player



If you are a Crewmate, finish all of your tasks before the Impostor eliminates your crew. If you are an Imposter, eliminate each Crewmate. Optional additional gameplay: Impostor is given more comprehensive tasks and if they finish all of their tasks first, they win. (Note: In the digital game, the Impostor does not have tasks but in the game of Real Life Among Us, that wouldn’t be very fair or productive!)


among us



EVERY player is given a list of chores to complete and must check them off as they are completed. At the top of this list is where you will find whether or not you are the Impostor or a Crewmate.

Just like in Among Us, you can still do your chores while “dead”.

To eliminate a player, remove their hat and drop it where they stand.

When a player finds a hat, they have “found a body” and must call for a meeting. (There are a few ways to do this: Shout “Meeting” loudly. Use an intercom to announce a meeting. Take that hat and come to admin aka Mom, who will call for the meeting.)

Vote off players via popular vote.

Sabotage would be a fun twist but I imagine that turning the lights off will frighten most kids so let’s call that one optional and possibly discouraged unless your brood like to live dangerously.

No yelling or talking, it gives away the Impostor too easily.

It should go without saying that there is no violence but one of my kids hit an Impostor with a broom while doing a sweeping task, so let’s just make sure we get that rule covered!

among us


Let us know if you try this one out and what you think! If you have questions or run into problems, share with us!

5 thoughts on “Real Life Among Us Game

  1. My kids started playing this in real life and I was shocked that they were willingly doing chores! I decided to make it a little more organized and googled real life among us ideas for kids and came here. I have never played this before. Thank you for your help!

    1. We did things like “sweep the kitchen”, “fold laundry”, and “wipe the windows”. I picked a few things that would require them to go to different rooms to do them, like the game does.

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