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Mother’s Day Mother of the Year Contest with Punchbowl

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Ah, Mother’s Day. It’s been quite a year for mothering, hasn’t it? “Mom” has always meant caregiver, cuddler, chef, maid, and teacher among so many other things. This year, she had to be all of those things full-time without barely a bathroom break in between. At least that’s the story for a lot of moms amidst pandemic life. This year, Punchbowl has decided to reward one special mom for her hard work via The 2021 Mom of the Year Video Contest.

mother's day punchbowl

The first person who comes to mind when I think “Mom of the Year” is my stepmom, Michele. Michele is raising four kids from elementary to teen, and working as a dog walker and cleaning service on the side. I’m really not sure she finds time to sit down unless crouching down to scrub the floor counts. Her children have been in virtual schooling for most of the year and next to nothing has been open as far as entertainment. Even so, Michele has somehow kept up with wearing all of these hats. She’s always working with the kids and their Zoom classes, cleaning, cooking, mediating arguments, oh and she also makes time to be a best friend to me. Our conversations usually go like this, “Yes, you should definitely try this new wat—yes, you can go outside but stay close—what was I saying?” but they happen and I cherish them!

Since Michele and I now live 631 miles apart, we rely on technology to stay connected. I’ve been absolutely loving Punchbowl for every holiday, particularly because we’re able to add videos for that personal touch! They’ve added a lot of great features to their e-cards in recent years though. You can actually include a gift card now and schedule a date in advance to send it. So if you remember someone’s birthday but it’s not until next week and, like me, you never know what day today is, schedule it! It’s too bad I can’t do everything in my life this way!


Mother's Day punchbowl

With my own mom a world apart, the kids will be thrilled to send her an e-card video with Punchbowl and I know that it will melt her heart to watch them. Actually, we sent my dad a Punchbowl card video for his birthday this year and he loved it so much that he actually took a video of his screen so that he could share it on Facebook. It makes me so happy to be able to continue to connect with all of my loved ones!

This year, I think that everyone has felt disconnected from even those who are nearby and that’s why I think it’s important to send that personal touch with Punchbowl. Also, it takes mere minutes to take the time to nominate someone special for Mother of the Year. You send the video to your nominee and to Punchbowl. Your Mom of the Year may win $1,000 but more importantly, you’re going to make her feel really good about herself. Spread a little love, we certainly all need it!

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