Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2021

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Coming up with gift ideas for children seems difficult. They change their minds constantly and there are always new products coming out. I handed my very indecisive daughter a toy catalog this year and she handed it right back to me. She wanted me to choose for her.

We attended two toy conventions this year so we hopefully, our holiday gift guide can help you out with an idea of which things might be right for your kids, which things will be within your budget, and what might really be a long-lasting hit in your household!

Blockaroo – $ varies

Stick with building and learning!

Blockaroo is a soft magnetic block building system. The pieces can connect, rotate, and they are dishwasher safe! Your child can create just about anything and we find that kids of any age are enjoying this! We built rockets and houses for our other toys. They are our family’s #1 bathtub toy, too! Oodles of different sets to check out.

The hook: It’s an educational toy that definitely grows with your child!



Vibe Girls – $19.99

vibe girls

Dream big, be kind, be you!

Vibe Girls dolls each have different vibes like animals, ocean, and kindness. They are adorable and themed with their outfit, accessories, a diary, stickers, and a color-changing vibe ring!

The hook: We think that Vibe Girls are the perfect doll to inspire our children!



Pixicade Plus – $34.99

Create YOUR OWN video games!

We all LOVE Pixicade! You create your own video game with its own level of difficulty, obstacles, characters, mission, etc. and you can play it. We think that every classroom should have a toy like this to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and just a general creative play. We watched the demonstration on this with our son for an hour and we were all mesmerized!

The hook: This takes video games and creativity to the NEXT LEVEL!



Cats vs. Pickles – $ varies

An unexpected duo of cuteness!

The cats are afraid of pickles but the pickles just want love! Cats vs. Pickles are so silly but the kids just adore them! They’re also so super-soft and make for absolutely perfect stocking stuffers! There are hundreds to collect! You can get big huggers, jumbos, and little mystery ones!

The hook: The themes make us giggle! Foodie cats, sweet cats, fishy cats, galore!



Build-Your-Own Luci: Solar Light Kit – $39.95

An illuminating learning experience!

This MPOWERD STEM kit teaches your children how to apply scientific concepts to create their own customizable solar light! It comes with a booklet of science activities, lessons, and facts. It’s chock full of educational value!

The hook: We love solar power and science!



SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrows – $32.99

bow arrow

This one’s a bullseye!

This bow comes with five suction cup arrows and illuminates when you pull the string. It’s perfect to help motivate your learning little ones to enjoy the sport of archery!

The hook: As parents of an archer, we love that this hands-free toy is great for hand-eye coordination!



The Original Tamagotchi – $19.99+

tamagotchi holiday gift guide

Do you remember these from when you were a kid?!

One of the coolest toys from the 90s is definitely the Tamagotchi! One could argue that a toy like this teaches responsibility! You can attach it to your keychain and make sure that it’s fed, happy, healthy, and clean! Get them a Tamagotchi long before a puppy for Christmas!

The hook: It’s cute, it’s easy, it’s mobile! We loved this one as kids!



Digimon – $19.99+

More cool 90s swag!!!

Digimon is similar to Tamagotchi in that it is your child’s job to raise their monster and feed it. It is also their job to train their monster! Then, click the Digimon to another Digimon and they can battle!

The hook: We love how Digimon can be linked to others for play!



Knowledge Crate – $39.99+

An entire box of fun!

We love activity crates that promote learning and Knowledge Crate takes the cake on that one! They offer mini crates, preschool subscription crates, and school-age subscription crates packed with interesting, engaging activities that inspire creativity and interactive learning. Every activity got a “wow” from our kids!

The hook: The quality of these boxes is just so superior to any we’ve ever tried!


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SainSmart Jr.Big RC Transformer Car Robot (Lamborghini Style) – $34.99

RC lamborghini

The most stylish RC car we’ve driven!

This Lamborghini transformer is INCREDIBLE! It drives smoothly like butter, transforms in a snap, and has realistic lights and sound. We mesmerized an entire group of children at the park with this car!




Bubble Lick – $34.99

Bubbles you can LICK!

Bubble Lick are flavored bubbles that make for an absolutely delicious stocking stuffer! They currently come in watermelon, cinnamon roll, chocolate chip, and cotton candy! We took them to a birthday party and all of the kids went bananas for them!

The hook: Did you hear us?! They are BUBBLES, which are already fun, that you can TASTE!



Got2Glow Fairy Finder – $39.99

got2glow fairy holiday gift guide

Catch all of the fairies in a magic jar!

Got2glow Fairy Finder is a magical jar with a heart-shaped lip that allows your children to run around catching more than 100 fairies! There are mini games and different levels of rarity for the fairies you’ve collected. Enjoy screen-free play anywhere with this little jar!

The hook: Got2glow fairy finder gets your child moving as they try to find more fairies!



SainSmart Jr. Wooden Log Cabin Set – $49.99

With 450 pieces, these natural birch wood building logs make it easy to create tiny villages. All of our kids love building and dislike having to clean up all of their wonderful creations at the end of the day!

The hook: These toys are so versatile and always seem to apply to everything they do, building houses and stores for their other toys!



National Geographic Gross Science Lab – $29.99

Weird science is the best science!

The National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set could keep your children entertained and learning for HOURS! Make and learn about blood cells, eyeballs, the brain! The glowing worms were probably our favorite and it comes with just about everything you need to create everything!

The hook: This kit is such a good bonding and learning experience for kids and parents of all ages!



Akedo Ultimate Battle Arena – $29.99

Become a warrior!

Mini warriors are placed on the battle controller to go head-to-head! These little dudes even have little weapons they can swing at each other. Split-strike leaves the other guy in pieces, literally! Training mode lets the character practice with a training bag. The kids will love challenging each other with this one! It makes over 35 sound effects and you can buy different warriors separately.

The hook: We love little combat like this!


Scruff-a-Luvs Cutie Cuts – $29.99

scruff-a-luvs holiday gift guide

It’s furrrrrbulous!

Inside the Scruff-a-Luvs Cutie Cuts box hides a surprise puppy in desperate need of a grooming! This is one adorable makeover toy full of surprise themed accessories

The hook: It’s such a fun, cute twist on getting a puppy for Christmas!


We have more things to add to this holiday gift guide so keep checking back throughout the season as we add new things we discover! Check out our Instagram page @thequirkymomnextdoor for more features, details, and photos this holiday season!