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Illuminating My Path with Luci Solar Lights

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Solar powered stuff is the best. You really can’t beat having anything that’s powered by the free giant ball of fire in the sky. When it comes to camping, it’s really a necessity unless you have access to a lot of generator and a bunch of extension cords. I didn’t want to deal with all of that, so I checked out MPOWERD. MPOWERD created the first inflatable solar light, LuciĀ®, and it’s phenomenal for a lot of reasons.

luci solar lights

There are three billion people around the world without reliable access to electricity and this is what MPOWERD had at the forefront of their minds when they created Luci. Luci is a safe, clean energy lighting option that’s incredibly affordable. I love that their focus was in creating something that would be useful and affordable for those in need.

The original Luci is under $20 and can last up to 24 hours if set on low after charging in the sun for 7 hours. I think that’s wonderful, particularly for their mission of bringing light to the world. We decided to try the new Luci Solar Inflatable Base Light and the Luci Color Essence, mostly for our camping and hiking adventures. The Luci Solar Inflatable Base Light appealed to me because on top of being a powerful light, it’s got two-way USB mobile charging. As a blogger, I do need a charge to my phone most of the time!

luci solar lights

On low, the Luci Solar Inflatable Base Light lasts up to 50 hours after a 28 hour charge in the sun or you can charge it via the USB for 5-6 hours. I used the one of the straps on the Luci Base Light to hang it from the top of the tent and the kids slept all night with it on low so it was perfect! It can also do a flashing light, medium, or high power. High power is bright enough to illuminate the entire tent very well for you to get things done at night. Like the other Luci lights, it can be flat for compact packing but I love the inflatable aspect of it, it’s so unique and adorable.

Luci Color Essence

I chose the Luci Color Essence for the kids because it had such gorgeous colors and I knew they’d get a kick out of that. The Luci Color Essence glows in lavender, violet, sky, powder, mint, lime, coral, and rose. You can tell just from the color titles that they’re soft, mood lights if you will. I adore them! The kids asked me if it could be used in the swimming pool so I looked up the IP67 rating in laymen’s terms and basically, it can be dropped into a meter of water for about a half hour. So I’d say that it would be fun to play with at the pool, particularly for parties!

Like the original Luci, Luci Color Essence can last up to 24 hours on a 7 hour direct sunlight charge. It can be set to cycle through all of the colors or just stick to one. I like to let it cycle through all of the colors so the kids don’t argue but they’re really all very gorgeous colors!

Both the Luci Base Light and Color Essence will be perfect for our camping trips but I also forsee them being perfect as rechargeable night lights for kids, a way to illuminate your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack, or just lovely home decor. I’m a big fan of Luci lights and I’m all for supporting MPOWERD and their amazing mission.

luci solar lights

You can purchase the Luci Solar Inflatable Base Light here for $44.95. The Luci Color Essence is available here for $24.95.



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