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I definitely prefer wearing my babies and children over all else. My arms are weak so carrying them is out and sometimes a stroller is just a pain in the butt and they want to be in and out of it, plus I love being close to my little one. I’ve never been much of a wrap person (and I’ve been told that I have to turn in my babywearing card for that!) because I prefer the ease of a soft-structured carrier. I wear the kids to around two years old because we attend so many events that involve a lot of walking, so something that would hold both babies and toddlers was perfect for me. Last year, someone recommended the Kinderpack to me.


I absolutely loved the prints available, the knit fabric in the middle intending to make wearing cooler in the hot weather, and how soft it was. There are carriers I haven’t liked in the past because the straps feel so hard on my shoulders but these straps are perfect for me. I also like that I can easily reach the fastener in the back to remove the carrier because many times, it’s just me with the kids by myself and three kids in public really can be a lot to wrangle at times!

This is the adorable carrier that I have (picture from their Flickr page):

“The Kinderpack soft structured carrier is designed to be used for children from birth-5yrs/50 lbs” so it will last you a good long while and that’s something else that I love about it!

Edited to add more, since I’m still using it a year later with my youngest baby! My youngest won’t let me put him down. I am taking walks with him in his Kinderpack, gardening, I even rollerbladed on my tiny back porch (I’m not saying I advise this, but I need to keep living my life and I was slow and careful!)


You can get one of your own at the Kindercarry website!

*I did not receive any compensation whatsoever for this review.*

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