My Placenta Encapsulation

This is an old post of mine that I wrote shortly after encapsulating my placenta with my third daughter. Overall, I do not feel that I personally experienced many differences from the time that I did encapsulate to the times that I did not, but I’m still an advocate for trying it as I feel that it can be a much better fix than medications if it works for you…
Firstly, I want to walk you through the information in case you’re interested in doing this yourself…I got my instructions for at-home placenta encapsulation from a friend’s blog and this blog. My supplies consisted of a capsule filling machine, gelatin capsules, a blender, and a steamer (we used our metal one that goes in a pot instead of our “good” one).Research on the benefits of placenta consumption shows that it can increase milk production, ward off the “baby blues”, aide in the uterus shrinking back to normal, increase energy, decrease post-partum bleeding, and relieve pain. The part that everyone’s been waiting for…how has it benefited me? At four days post-partum, my husband executed most of the encapsulating process and I filled the capsules and took several.

Placenta encapsulation pill filling machine

Shrinky-dink uterus: In the hospital, the nurses told me that it was shrinking even faster than expected and this is what I saw when I looked in the mirror at one day post-partum:

placenta encapsulation uterus retraction

I didn’t even feel it needed the help! By the time I left the hospital, I couldn’t feel my uterus and my belly was pretty flat already so I’ve noticed no difference there. Since it was a bit difficult to obtain my uterus from the hospital (it took several days after discharge), I know this was not attributed to the placenta.

Milky Way:

My milk had come in pretty much by the time I began taking the pills and I’ve noticed no difference with it. I’m still not able to get much when I pump (though I’m sure if I put in the extra effort, I could get the supply going). Nursing is going well nonetheless, so I have no complaints.

The Aftermath:

Bleeding subsided a few days short of two weeks which is just a few days longer than it did with number two so again, no difference there.

Happy pills:

I’ve never experienced post-partum depression but I have had bouts of depression over lack of sleep in the past…we’ll get to that. I adopted a new way of thinking shortly before this baby was conceived so I genuinely attribute my overall pleasant demeanor to my positive lifestyle changes but I can definitely say that I feel grand, whatever the reason. If I feel like I’m being overly emotional, I do take the pills “as needed” because it’s part of the directions. I do feel a bit off emotionally when I don’t take them, a bit grumpy and easily teared up!


My contractions after the fact with this vastly shrinking uterus were actually pretty bad, especially while nursing. I don’t like to take medicine so I didn’t take anything for it but it did begin to decrease sufficiently after day four when I started the pills.

Afterbirth energy bar:

This is the one in which I’ve noticed significant changes. On a day when I’ve neglected my usual regimen, I’m often found passing out all over the place cuddled up with the baby and Hubby always seems to snap a picture!

placenta encapsulation exhaustion(the blanket isn’t over her nose, I promise!)

But the majority of the time, as long as I’m keeping up with the pills, I find that I have far more energy. I don’t handle exhaustion well at all so I’m very thankful for that. My daughter’s night-time nursing still needs work so I’m awake often trying to re-position her to her liking.

In summation, I have no idea if encapsulating my placenta is the real reason why some of these benefits have reached me because there are so many variables. Each baby is different, the amount of babies can changes one’s experience, life and support can change how you feel and handle things, etc. Since I taste nothing when I take these pills, I am absolutely comfortable continuing to take them each day, just in case they really are helping me.

I was happy with our encapsulation process and I think that I would do it again, since it doesn’t bother me and could be benefiting me. My husband’s only qualm with the encapsulation process is that it smelled weird while steaming but he still says that he would do it again.

UPDATE: After five children total, only having done placenta encapsulation this one time, I honestly don’t believe that there was a huge difference for me personally. I think that any little variable in pregnancy, birth, or labor can change your experience. I went on to have two more children and did not encapsulate again but I do think that there’s not much harm in trying to see if it works for you. It traumatized my husband so he probably would say otherwise. Haha! Good luck in your endeavors!


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