Back To School Blues

So my daughter started first grade at the beginning of this month. She’s almost seven and she’s already got so much personality and many ideas of her own. This complicated school clothes shopping. I would point out shirts that I found modest, preppy, and pretty and she would cringe or curl her upper lip. Then she’d walk over to a gaudy or just plain hideous shirt and insist it was perfect and the one she needed. Several times, I was sure that she was messing with me. “A black Monster High dress? Really?”


She got so excited, though. School clothes shopping was so fun to her and as much as I hated to let her be her own person, I knew I had to choose my battles. As long as she wasn’t choosing outfits that left her butt hanging out or midriff showing, it was fair game. We don’t agree but my little one’s growing up and she needs to be able to express her individuality and clothing sure is a big part of that.

I hope the school decides to do uniforms. Hahaha.


Thanks to SITS for the Back To Blogging Challenge!

2 thoughts on “Back To School Blues

  1. I’m pretty glad that my boys have to wear uniforms to school, it saves all the palaver when choosing their clothes in the morning! But you’re right, they should be able to express themselves individually at this age (but with a little help from us lol).

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