How to Make Your Own Grinch Cookies for the Holidays!

Ever since I attended a cookie swap a few years ago, I’ve tried to host cookie swaps of my own. I always seem to aim for the “best decorated” award, unintentionally. Last year, I made melted snowman cookies. This year, I decided to tackle my favorite ever character and make Grinch cookies! Making a Grinch cookie is simple because of the shape of his head. He resembles the common ornament cookie cutters, so you’ve got a Grinch in a pinch! I used this wonderfully tasty Betty Crocker sugar cookie recipe and got to work!

I rolled out the dough and used my basic Christmas ornament cookie cutter to cut out little Grinch-shaped heads…



In my head, I could see how I’d have a bunch of Grinch shapes, the way his head is a little pointy at the top.


I realized that I could either do little green heads or make the top into little red Christmas hats, so I did a little of both. I used confectioner’s sugar, milk, and food coloring to create green Grinch faces. Then I made little yellow slanted eyes, then huge Grinch smiles (my favorite part!). I thought they came out pretty Grinchy and adorable!



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