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10 Activities For Parents Under The Weather

As parents, I’m not sure we ever have time to get sick. When you’re lightheaded and feverish, the last thing you want to do is stand over the stove or scrub the dishes. Thankfully, some things can be ignored for a few days or your partner can take over. Other things are not quite as simple…like entertaining the kids. I’m a stay-at-home mom, which usually means I don’t get sick days. The kids keep living their lives as normal and as much as they may try to take it easy on me, they still get bored and then argue or get into things they shouldn’t.

As a mom who’s currently stricken with strep throat accompanied with 103 fevers and spent Christmas time recovering from surgery, I’ve got a few activities up my sleeve to share with you!

You can do these while laying down, resting/relaxing or while sitting up, but minimal movement needed!

1. Build with blocks or Legos. This doesn’t take much effort or thought and it’s fun for everyone. You can add finishing touches to their pieces or each build your own. I was able to do this with a high fever, just lying in the couch playing with my little man.

2. Let them drive cars on you. I’ve always loved doing that. What’s a more fun track than an arm or your hair?!

3. Play doctor. You’re already sick so you may as well let them solve your ills, right? They can check you out and diagnose you while also being your nurse. Maybe you can teach them a few things in the process, like how to take blood pressure and where some of your most vital organs are located.

4. Read! Now, my throat is so swollen today that this one can’t be done but if you’re resting post-surgery or with some type of physical injury that doesn’t involve your speech, this is a great choice. Reading with your kids promotes literacy and language development. Let them choose or I can gladly recommend some of my own personal favorites: Anything Dr. Seuss, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Teacher from the Black Lagoon, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

5. Be a judge! Whether they want to dress up their dolls and let you choose who wins Miss Dolly America or make a case and leave it to you to decide if the cat is guilty of chewing up the lamp cord, this is sure to be a fun one!

6. Cuddle up and watch a family-friendly movie. I like the newer movie The Croods, big Shrek fan, and my kids are also into Harry Potter like Mom. Throw in some subtle tickle fights if you’re up for it!


7. Give them worksheets or educational tasks. My kids LOVE learning so they are constantly asking for assignments. You can buy workbooks or print some sheets online, or even write up your own as I sometimes do. I task my kids with assignments based on their learning level. For my three year old, I write down one letter and then tell her all of the thing she can draw/color that begin with that letter. With my five year old, she practices writing her name, addition problems, letters, and letter blends. She’s even practicing a bit of reading!

8. Play Red Light/Green Light, Simon Says, or I Spy. With Red Light/Green Light, the kids can only move when you say “green light” and they must stop as soon as you say “red light”. Usually there is a destination, for instance, they could play it until they get to the fridge where they can take out an apple or some other snack. Simon Says is the game where they must do what you say but ONLY if you say “Simon Says” first. For example, “Simon Says touch your toes.” In I Spy, you describe an object in the room and the children have to guess which object you’re describing.

9. Let them brush your hair! Maybe I’m the only one whose kids love this but my kids ranging from barely 1 to 7 are all about brushing and styling my hair. Even the baby boy! They put a bunch of ponytails in and even pretend to straighten it, it’s adorable!

10. Play board games! We just got the coolest spin on tic-tac-toe, called Gobblet Gobblers. We also have a version of Chutes and Ladders. Sorry, or even Bingo that the kids really love!

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