5 Valentine’s Date Ideas for Parents



When you’re a parent of small children, you might find that it’s tough to get away. Whether money is a bit tight for a babysitter, Junior isn’t a big fan of being left with someone else, or you just aren’t comfortable enough to leave her yet, it’s alright. But that doesn’t mean you should forego dating altogether, especially a Valentine’s date. It’s so important to your relationship to set aside time to spend together, doing things that will allow you to connect and enjoy each other’s company. Valentine’s Day is a week away and we don’t have a babysitter so we’ll be having a nice little date at home after the kids are in bed. Here are some of our date ideas:

1. Snuggle up in bed with Netflix and popcorn/chocolate, maybe a glass of wine. For movie suggestions that are currently on Netflix, I recommend Horns if you like mystery and drama or Silver Linings Playbook for a romantic film. Comedies are our favorite and they have The Interview (which a lot of people seemed to like), Bruce Almighty, Click, and one of the best comedians ever, Jim Gaffigan. If you’d rather television shows, we suggest How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Supernatural, Lost, Scandal, or Once Upon a Time.

2. Challenge each other to a video game or board game. My husband and I love to play Wii games together, which involve actually moving around. We’re also really into trivia and word games. For a little added fun, throw in your favorite adult beverages and maybe place a bet on the winner. Loser does the dishes for a week or maybe something a tad more risque! 😉

3. Take a bubble bath together. Light candles in the bathroom, take in the beautiful ambiance and give each other massages while you talk about your goals for the year, your favorite memories, and little reasons why you love each other.

4. Have a fire. We love to sit in our backyard by the fire pit, cuddled together in one chair making s’mores and listening to Slacker Radio on our phone. We get up and slow dance in between our snacks.

5. Show your partner how well you know her by surprising her with all of her favorites. Pick up his favorite movie, make her favorite dessert, have his favorite restaurant deliver, etc.

5 Valentine's Date Ideas for Parents

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