6 Most Fun FREE Apps to Cure Boredom

In the beginning with a new baby, I’m usually nursing constantly. This means that either my butt is planted on the couch or I’m fumbling around trying to manage to get close enough to the sink to do dishes while babywearing. So, more often the first one, for obvious reasons. I wish I could say that 24 hours a day, I’m just gazing into my baby’s eyes to enjoy the bonding experience but that’s just simply not the case. Sure, some of the time is spent staring down at her and seeing if I can make her laugh, but plenty is also spent playing with my phone. Between the never-ending nursing sessions and the tip-tapping before I actually fall asleep at night, I’ve come to find some pretty entertaining apps! (All apps available for both Android and iPhone!)

1. YouCam Makeup – I’ve only just discovered this app but my kids and I are having a blast with it. We can put pretend makeup on ourselves without the horrible, potentially clothes-staining mess! I also utilize it for those moments that I’ve taken a picture I want to share and a loved one groans, “Don’t let anyone see that, I look terrible!” With YouCam Makeup, you can look like you really kept us all waiting for an hour while you put your face on! Also, you can toy with actual makeup looks and colors, to include hair colors, which I’m really taking advantage of. I’d actually look fab with purple hair, I KNEW it!


2. Words with Friends – Oh yeah, this game is still around. If you haven’t played it before, you should. It’s like Scrabble. We’re getting old, this seems like a pretty good vocabulary exercise! Or if you’re like me, you can freak out your competitive husband when you use words like “zoners”, which even the game dictionary can’t seem to define. He brings up “zoners” multiple times a week, see, it’s advanced our vocabulary! Thanks Words with Friends!


3. Lumosity – Speaking of brain exercises, Lumosity is packed with different brain training games that can actually get fairly difficult. My favorite so far is where you have to try to fill espressos to order in a limited amount of time. It sounds as easy as getting your name right on a Starbucks cup but it has all kinds of twists, like the cup being trash if you accidentally over-fill it. Another neat one is where you get a color word, like “red” possibly written in another color, like blue, and you have to quickly realize whether or not it’s right. They all sound simple until you’re doing them, trust me!


4. Flipagram – I started using this app for a New Year’s montage and now I love it because I’ve never found another like it. You can add photo after photo, music, text, and make it the length of an Instagram video if you choose. I’ve used it for birthdays, anniversaries, and just overall recap videos to share.

#2015inLOVE Such an amazing year being romantic, goofy, and crazy with my love <3

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5. PicsArt – PicsArt seems to be one of the best photo editing apps out there. Modify colors and lighting, remove red-eye and blemishes, add photo effects, text, borders, create collages, the works. The only things it doesn’t have are fancy pants stickers and clipart so that’s what I use the next app for.


6. Photofy – Photofy is free but you can pay for additional features. I may pay to remove the watermark soon but at least the app allows you to choose which “Photofy” watermark you’d like on your picture. It has adorable templates and frames for your photos, like baby milestones or cute quotes. It doesn’t do a lot of editing but it makes pictures fun and I think it’s intended for Instagram because it gives you the option of creating an “InstaSquare” on the front section.


*Bonus* Pinterest and Instagram – I’m sure that you already knew these apps existed but I want to reiterate how fun they are. Instagram innovates a lot so the app has only become cooler over time. Now you can view videos with or without sound, send your media directly to someone instead of posting them publicly, and choose from a boat load of gorgeous filters. Follow lots of interesting people and you’ll have an endless feed of awesome.

With Pinterest, you don’t need the app but it just makes navigating a lot easier. Surf through recipes, DIY projects, inspirational material, tips and tricks, everything. You can pin straight from the app, to an old board or a brand new one you can create just for that pin. I’ve used Pinterest to plan out rooms and parties, make gifts, delicious food, and incredible life hacks. It’s definitely an app that all women AND MEN should use. (I’ve seen some amazing fire pits on there, men, along with some sweet suggestions for grill spice mixes and even ways to please your lady so trust me, it’s for everyone!)

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