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12 Indoor Activities, According to an 8 Year Old

Update: During this open-ended lockdown due to coronavirus in 2020, we’re all stuck inside and I thought that my daughter’s post about indoor activities might be relevant for your little ones! If you’re feeling under the weather, I also have a list of activities you can do with them that allow you to rest up.


My eight year old has been begging me to write a post of her own and she’s full of ideas. My kids are exploding with imagination and they never seem to get bored! On this particular day off from school, it happened to snow and she decided that she would like to share with you some of her ideas for keeping entertained indoors!


On a snowy day inside, you can…

1. Sit by the fireplace and make s’mores

2. Eat popcorn and watch movies

3. Drink hot chocolate

4. Play video games

5. Have a pillow fight

6. Play board games with your family

7. Pretend it’s snowing inside your house and play in the “snow”

8. Play house with baby dolls

9. Make up dances

10 Play school and tea party with stuffed animals

11. Blow up a balloon and hit it around

12. Gather up stuffed animals and pretend to be in the jungle

What other indoor activities can you do?


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