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March 2016 Ecocentric Mom Mom & Baby Subscription Box!

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Ecocentric Mom is a subscription box that sends a smattering of eco-friendly goodies for pregnancy, mom, or mom and baby. If you haven’t seen my previous posts about it, let me tell you that this is my favorite box because it’s fun, I love being surprised, and most of all, it introduces me to products that I may have previously been unaware of. The way that I’ll find myself going into a “crunchy” group to ask for recommendations for a product, Ecocentric Mom sends me all of these things to try. It’s like a physical answer to the Facebook post, “Do you know of a natural brand for…?”

ecocentric mom

This month’s box was a collection of their fellow 1% For the Planet companies. These companies have, just like Ecocentric Mom, pledged to give 1% of their sales to environmental-related charities! So not only are you helping the environment by using the eco-friendly products but you’re also part of a bigger picture! Are you allowed to just draw a heart as part of a review? I really just want to draw a big huge heart, that is how much I love Ecocentric Mom and what they stand for. But enough of the mushy stuff. I want to tell you what was in my Ecocentric Mom and Baby box this month!

ecocentric mom

GoodLight Natural Birthday Candles

Birthday candles are going into food you’re going to eat, it matters what they’re made of and it matters what’s coming off of them when you light them. GoodLight Natural Candles are paraffin-free candles, made with 100% palm wax and pure cotton wicks. They contribute to the 1% For the Planet organizations that protect rainforests and endangered wildlife. The candles themselves are rainbow colored, very beautiful colors. We used them for my mommy’s birthday and she thought they were pretty! While they were used no differently than the average candle, the impact behind them is huge. I can confidently say that I will only use GoodLight Natural Candles from here on out because…why not?

Discount Code: EAKDLD for 25% off all scented candles

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U Konserve Food Kozy Snack Wrap

U Konserve offers quality, safe, and reusable food-storage. The unique design of this snack bag lies flat so it can be used as an on-the-go placemat! So not only are you avoiding the repeat use of plastic baggies but also of the napkins or paper plate you might have been eating on! My daughter brings lunch to school every day so I love to have a reusable container for her to take her food in!

Discount Code: ECOMOM20 for 20% off

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Mattole Valley Naturals Full Spectrum Herbal Greens no. 1

Mattole Valley doesn’t use unnatural additives, fillers, or binders as they bring you a handcrafted nutritional formula with the highest caliber of protein formulas, herbal greens, and true colostrum. Your Full Spectrum Herbal Greens is nourishing for the brain, the gut and the nervous system and is a blend of highly alkalizing, mineralizing and full of vital micronutrients. You mix it in a beverage of your choice, drink, and feel great!

Discount Code: ecoccentricmom25 for 25% off

ecocentric mom

All Good Lemongrass Coconut Oil Skinfood

All Good’s mission is to offer the purest, most elemental ingredients and organic herbs in their natural healing products. Use this coconut oil skin food after a shower, during a massage, or just any time you want some deep moisturizing!

Discount Code: ECOMOM25 for 25% off


Mama Chia Chia Squeeze

I have to admit that I’d never tried chia seeds before Mamma Chia and I was nervous. With a flavor title of Cherry Beet, I had no idea what to expect. I don’t think I’ve ever had a beet either! It was really delicious! My four year old wanted to have a little taste and she agreed about just how tasty it was! I’m going to be looking into more Mamma Chia products because they’re nutrient-rich, organic foods and beverages and they have a great taste! The Chia Squeeze is good for on-the-go because it contains 1000-mg of Omega-3s, protein, and fiber!


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Finger Puppets Inc. Finger Puppet

We’re a puppet family! Okay, my husband isn’t [yet] but the rest of us are. I own so many puppets from before I even had kids and love to do our own puppet shows. These finger puppets are handmade by a number of artist collectives from the rural areas of the Peruvian high-plains! They are ethically sourced and practice fair-trade principles, striving to help these artisans extend their product reach. There are so many adorable designs and their mission is awesome!

Discount Code: eco-centric for 25% off

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LEAP Organics Orange Blossom Lip Balm

LEAP Organics certified organic soap and skincare products each support an environmental cause through 1% For the Planet. It is a Certified B Corporation with a unique line of products, including for men and the home. LEAP Lip Balms are made with organic coconut oil and shea butter. I love the way it smells and the way it feels, perfect for giving you smooth, moisturized lips!

Discount Code: LOVE20 for 20% off


You can purchase a mom, mom & baby, or pregnancy box at Ecocentric Mom for $24.95 every other month!


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*The Crunchy Mom Next Door received the above item(s) in exchange for her honest review. All opinions and experiences are her own only.

7 thoughts on “March 2016 Ecocentric Mom Mom & Baby Subscription Box!

  1. Oh my that finger puppet is too adorable! And those candles, we need them anyway might as well choose a brand that helps the environment.

  2. Im especially intrigued by the lip balm and skin oil. i just love skin products, but it is so hard to find good ones.

  3. i think this is a great idea and its filled with great different goodies that would be so useful.

  4. I have never heard of this box subscription. It looks like they have some great items in them! I really like that there are a variety of items for mom and for baby.

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