one n only coconut

One ‘n Only Coconut with Argan Oil Tames My Summer Hair + GIVEAWAY! Ends 9/5

If we didn’t try new things once in a while, we’d never discover anything. My One ‘n Only skin care has become my only devoted skin care routine and I’m so grateful that I gave it that initial test because it’s been exactly what I needed. My adoration for those products is exactly why I […]

Feeling Rejuvenated with One ‘n Only Skin Care and Conair Reflections + GIVEAWAY! Ends 6/16

“People only buy skin care from people they trust.” I read that somewhere recently and thought how absolutely true it is, at least for me. My skin is so sensitive and I’ve been figuratively (and sometimes, literally!) burned so many times trying out what people recommended to me. As a teenager, my mom took me […]

love milk & honey

Love Milk & Honey Breastfeeding Subscription Box + GIVEAWAY! Ends 7/25

There are subscription boxes for everything these days. Your dog can get one packed with toys, you can get one with different flavors of jerky or candy, you can get an entire subscription box full of underwear. Those seem like fun treats for your life! When I first heard about this breastfeeding subscription box, I didn’t […]