Feeling Rejuvenated with One ‘n Only Skin Care and Conair Reflections + GIVEAWAY! Ends 6/16

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“People only buy skin care from people they trust.” I read that somewhere recently and thought how absolutely true it is, at least for me. My skin is so sensitive and I’ve been figuratively (and sometimes, literally!) burned so many times trying out what people recommended to me. As a teenager, my mom took me to a dermatologist regularly and it really did nothing but harshly attack my skin with all of these chemicals. Now that I’m grown, I’m learning that consistency with more natural products is leaving my skin so much healthier. Still, I’m often hesitant to try a new product. I cringe every time it’s suggested but sometimes, I’m pleasantly surprised and that’s what I want to tell you about!

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One ‘n Only is a brand that I’ve often heard about for hair care but they recently launched a line of skin care and it’s absolutely wonderful! The One ‘n Only skin care products contain argan oil, which I’m finding is effective for cleaning up your skin, pore, and acne, but also really gentle on your skin. I think that the world “oil” throws people off and leads them to think that it will cause them to feel oily but that’s not the case with argan oil. Argan oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acid and it’s not greasy. It’s perfect to hydrate and soften skin naturally.

The One ‘n Only products have actually become my only skin care method. I’m still not the greatest with consistency so I can tell the days when I’ve skipped my routine. The One ‘n Only Argan Oil Cream Cleanser with fruit derived AHA + Peptide Complex is one of the products that I try to be sure I’m using every single day but I notice a huge difference in the smoothness of my skin on the days when I use the One ‘n Only Argan Oil Microdermabrasion non-foaming scrub with microbeads and Peptide Complex.

The Day/Night Moisturizer is intended to help tone, glow, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and overall skin health. The Facial Care is a little dropper with the argan oil and it can also be used on your hair, skin, nails, and I put a little on my shoulders as well. The Argan Oil Micro Blur Cream is lightweight and helps with moisturizing and smoothing the skin using vitamins C + E. The Serum is a pump that helps to remove the dirt, makeup, and other impurities with a gentle touch.

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I can’t forget to mention the One ‘n Only Argan Oil Makeup Removing Wipes because when I tell people which of these skin care products are absolutely essential, it’s on the list. If you use makeup removing wipes, you need these. If you tend to sleep with your makeup on (you know plenty of us do it even though we shouldn’t!), you need these. Other makeup remover wipes leave my skin feeling greasy and filthy but I absolutely adore the “clean” feeling I get with these. I actually try to use them if I’ve touched my face at all too, just to try and remove any dirt I’ve now put into my pores.


With my new skin care routine and recently launched makeup business, I needed a good but portable mirror with adequate lighting for night time application. The new Conair Reflections LED mirror has what I was looking for. I need light but I find corded mirrors extremely limiting, especially with a serious lack of available outlets in my home. The Reflections mirror is operated by three AA batteries and its LED light is good for a lifetime, meaning that you will never have to replace the light bulb in the mirror. It has a regular 1x magnification for your typical application needs but then I love that you can easily flip the mirror for the 5x magnification and do your eyebrows!


The curved design and rose gold finish of the Conair Reflections LED mirror are really elegant looking, which I imagine makes for a cute addition to a vanity, which I hope to eventually have! If I’m careful about packing, I think this mirror is compact enough (6″ in diameter and 4.25″ viewing area) that I can bring it with me on my vacation since I have no idea how much lighting or what kind of mirror options I’ll have for continuing with my skin care while I’m there. It’s really the perfect travel mirror!


One ‘n Only skin care products are available now at Sally Beauty!

The Conair Reflections LED Lighted Mirror is available for purchase now on Conair.com and hits Ulta stores in July!

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One (1) winner will receive a set of One ‘n Only skin care products.
Open to US only. Ends 6/16. ARV $90+.

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